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Message from the president Margaretha Gansterer


Dear TSL members,

I wish you a happy and healthy new year. I am looking forward to being the TSL President 2024.

First, I want to thank the Past President, Alejandro Toriello, for being extremely helpful and efficient in the process of handing over the presidency to me. Supported by Incoming President Jen Pazour, Secretary and Treasurer Lavanya Marla, and Communications Chair Layla Martin, I will do my best to keep the society flourishing and of high value for all members. 

Several interesting TSL activities will take place in 2024. We will have the TSL Workshop in Nantes, chaired by Olivier Péton, from September 25 to 27. The topic of the workshop is "Optimizing Transportation and Logistics under Uncertainty" and the call for submissions will be sent out very soon. Also TSL Awards and Grants will be announced in the coming months and we are planning to introduce a new and exciting TSL Research Challenge. As we had the great TSL Conference last year, organized by Mike Hewitt and Sandra Eksioglu, there will be no TSL Conference in 2024. But of course the society will come together at the INFORMS Annual Meeting in Seattle. I am looking forward to a great program put together by TSL Cluster Chair Sibel Alumur Alev and Vice Chair Yu Yang. 

Finally my huge thanks go to all the former and current board members, officers, and all friends of TSL.  Only with you, the society can be this strongly connected, visible, and supportive network of colleagues. I am proud to be part of it. 

Hope to see you all in Nantes and Seattle!

All the best,