High resolution templates of the TSL logo are found below. In general, the eps files should be used for print applications, and the jpgs can be used for PPT, web, or Word. 

TSL follows the same policies and procedures as INFORMS with respect to branding. The INFORMS Branding Guide may be found here. Please respect these guidelines.
A reference manual that provides additional information on using the TSL logo may be found in the following document: vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document TSL Branding Reference

A powerpoint template using the INFORMS and TSL logos may be found in the following document: vnd.ms-powerpoint INFORMS TSL Template

The identity management provided by effective branding is of particular importance when INFORMS jointly sponsors or co-sponsors conferences, including circumstances in which conferences are co-sponsored by INFORMS subdivisions. The section of the INFORMS Policies and Procedures Manual relating to meetings may be found here. Please respect these policies, with special attention to Number 10.1.1.


jpeg informs_TSL_logo_color_hi.jpg

postscript informs_TSL_logo_color.eps

jpeg informs_TSL_logo_black.jpg

postscript informs_TSL_logo_black.eps

jpeg TSL logo color jpg

postscript TSL_logo_color.eps

jpeg TSL_logo_black_hi.jpg

postscript TSL_logo_black.eps

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postscript TSL_mark_color.eps

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postscript TSL_mark_black.eps