TSL Dissertation Award

TSL Dissertation Prize 2023: Call for Nominations

Nominations are invited for the year Dissertation Prize Competition sponsored by the INFORMS Society on Transportation Science & Logistics. This award is the oldest and most prestigious honor for doctoral dissertations in the transportation science and logistics area. The award is accompanied by a $500 honorarium for the winner. In addition, the winner and the recipient of an honorable mention (if any) each receives an 8x10 plaque announcing the award.

The following criteria will be used in judging candidate dissertations.
  • Fundamental contribution and originality of the ideas or methods.
  • Practical importance or applicability in solving important real problems.
  • Clarity and excellence of the exposition.
Eligible doctoral dissertations are those completed and submitted between June 1, 2022 and May 31, 2023 in the general area of transportation science and logistics.
To be considered, a dissertation must be nominated by the thesis supervisor, who must submit
the following items:
  • an electronic copy of the dissertation (in PDF),
  • an electronic copy of the extended abstract (3-5 pages) separate from the thesis (in PDF or MS Word),
  • an electronic copy of the letter of nomination from the dissertation supervisor supporting the submission and stating his/her assessment of why the thesis is worthy of the award (in PDF or MS Word), and
  • an electronic abstract of 300 words without formula or mathematical notation (in PDF or MS Word).

Submissions should be sent to:
Committee Chair

Marlin Ulmer

Committee Members
  • Margaretha Gansterer
  • Jennifer Pazour
  • Roberto Roberti
  • Marlin Ulmer (Chair)
  • Hai Wang

The deadline for receipt of submissions is June 30, 2023. The recommendations of the judges will be announced in the meeting of the Society on Transportation Science & Logistics at the Fall year INFORMS meeting.  If you have any questions, please contact Marlin Ulmer by email at marlin.ulmer@ovgu.de.