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Looking back at the TSL Workshop "Transportation and logistics prospects in light of digitalization and autonomous technologies"


The 2022 TSL workshop theme focused on "Transportation and logistics prospects in light of digitalization and autonomous technologies". We had the opportunity to discuss how the transportation and logistics landscape is being transformed by technologies such as the Internet of Things and autonomy. Autonomous vehicles, such as cars, trucks, ships, and drones, stay connected and interact in various manners thanks to developments in communication. The contributions to the workshop hit the nail, allowing us to have a rich discussion around the workshop theme. The talks covered and combined topics such as autonomous vehicles, shared mobility, decarbonization, crowd shipping, platooning, machine learning, cooperation, electrification, last-mile delivery, and stochasticity. The program covered a wide range of topics where traditional problems and new trends were mixed to help the participants have an overview of the current transportation landscape. 

The workshop took place in Bergen, Norway, at the NHH Norwegian School of Economics campus. Bergen is the Gateway to the Fjords of Norway and a UNESCO World Heritage City where the participants could find the ideal combination of nature, culture, and exciting urban life. We had the chance to dine facing the north see in a traditional building from the 60s used by fishermen to store their nets. The place’s name is Hengjo, located on Hellesøy outside Bergen, and has a unique location. This was an excellent opportunity to catch up with friends and make new ones. Hopefully, this occasion will spark fruitful new collaborations and strengthen the ties of the community building around the TSL society.