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Webinar by John-Paul Clarke

Join us for our monthly webinar on Friday June 11th at 9AM ET! 
The next presentation will be given by John-Paul Clarke (The University of Texas at Austin, USA). He will talk about autonomous aircraft-enabled mobility. 

The national vision for advanced aerial mobility is an airspace system that can support high-scale flight operations supporting any number of applications, using vehicles small and large, carrying passengers or cargo, and operating over cities or in remote areas. This vision will require greater aircraft and air traffic management (ATM) system autonomy; a synergistic relationship between vertiport locations and flight trajectories to address noise, privacy, and safety concerns; and new certification standards for vehicles, systems, and operators. To this end, I will discuss how the first two challenges may be addressed via simulation and optimization, and present prior and ongoing work on frameworks, algorithms, and policies for autonomous decision-making during approach and landing; highly automated multi-aircraft conflict resolution; and trajectory planning to maximize the mission efficiency, success and survivability of autonomous flight vehicles. I will also propose a framework for the certification of vehicles that must both operate and make decisions autonomously.

Stay tuned for our next webinars!