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Webinar by Elise-Miller Hooks

Join us for our monthly webinar on Friday May 7th at 12PM ET! 
The next presentation will be given by Elise-Miller Hooks (George Mason University, Virginia, USA). She will talk about a Resilient Global Port Network. 

Ports are critical components of the global supply chain, providing key connections between land- and maritime-based transport modes. They operate in cooperative, but competitive, co-opetitive, environments wherein the throughput of individual ports is linked through an underlying transshipment network. The ports, as well as supporting rail and roadway system infrastructures, however, are by the nature of their designs and locations inherently vulnerable to rising sea levels, significant precipitation events, storm surges and consequent coastal flooding. They are increasingly automated and, thus, greatly reliant on power and communications technologies. They are also subject to other disruptive events of natural or anthropogenic causes. Investments, thus, are needed to protect this intermodal (IM) system from such disruptive forces, and protective actions are required for business continuity during and immediately following a disruption. This presentation proposes optimization, equilibrium and digital twinning techniques for developing multi-stakeholder, protective investment, and response strategies aimed at enhancing resilience of this marine-based IM system to disruption and securing our global supply chains.