Special Issue in "Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal": Data-Driven Optimization and Analytics for Maritime Logistics


Like many other industries, maritime logistics is more and more driven by optimization and analytics to make the best out of the wealth of data that is generated through modern technologies. This opens up lots of research questions in areas such as the operations management of autonomous ships and port equipment, a better understanding of markets through the analysis of demands and price data, new forms of collaborations and many more. Emerging innovations can support all kinds of actors from the maritime logistics industry in making better decisions, reaching higher levels of performance, becoming more sustainable and, eventually, improving their competitiveness. Research has to support and advance this by the development of novel models and algorithms for analyzing the available data and using it to provide valuable decision support.

A special issue of the Flexible Services and Manufacturing (FSM) Journal aims to address challenges and explore the opportunities related to maritime logistics from such perspectives. We are especially seeking papers introducing new concepts, defining new problems, and developing new methodologies and models to exploit the wealth of data generated by the maritime logistics industry.

Submissions are possible until September 30th 2021, and the special issue is targeted to appear in December 2022. 
For further info, please refer to the call for papers