Welcome to the INFORMS Society for Marketing Science (ISMS) — We’re so happy you are joining us!

You can join the INFORMS ISMS Community in two ways:

If you are a current INFORMS member, go to and log in to your account. Once you are inside your profile, you'll see the "Add Communities/Journals" menu on the left side (if you are using a desktop browser). You should now see your Membership selection with an Add button. Click on "Add" and from there you can join ISMS

To enroll in the INFORMS ISMS Community, without joining INFORMS, please send an email of the following template to : , CCing and

Subject : Joining INFORMS ISMS Community  
Hello. I am interested in formally joining the INFORMS ISMS Community (without joining INFORMS) at the cost of $40. Can you please follow up with an invoice?  Also, for your convenience, please find some additional information below.  
First name  
Last name  
-Your name-  


Finding an Individual Member

The ISMS membership roster is maintained by INFORMS Membership Services. A searchable Member Directory is available on the main INFORMS site.