Frank M. Bass Dissertation Paper Award

Frank M. Bass Award

2022 Winner:

Ryan Dew, Asim Ansari, and Olivier Toubia (2022), “Letting Logos Speak: Leveraging Multiview Representation Learning for Data-Driven Branding and Logo Design,” Marketing Science, 41(2), 401-425.

2022 Finalists:

  • Sebastian Gabel and Artem Timoshenko (2021), “Product Choice with Large Assortments: A Scalable Deep-Learning Model,” Management Science, 68(3), 1808-1827.
  • Minkyung Kim, K. Sudhir, and Kosuke Uetake (2021), “A Structural Model of a Multitasking Salesforce: Incentives,  Private Information, and Job Design,” Management Science, 68(6), 4602-4630.

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Call for Nominations:  2023 Frank M. Bass Dissertation Paper Award


The INFORMS Society for Marketing Science Advisory Board is accepting nominations for the 2023 Frank M. Bass award.  The Bass Award is given to the best marketing paper derived from a Ph.D. thesis published in an INFORMS-sponsored journal according to the following eligibility requirements:

  • The paper should have appeared in print in an INFORMS journal between January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2023, and

  • The paper must have been accepted for publication within seven years from the date the thesis was finally approved.

  • In the case of multiple authors, nomination implies that the Ph.D. recipient made the primary contribution to the publication.  The Ph.D. advisor nominating the paper should certify that the Ph.D. recipient made the primary contribution to the paper.  Further, either the Ph.D. recipient should be the first author or authorship should be in alphabetical order. 

A paper can be nominated at most twice (in two successive years) and an individual can win this award only once.  We strongly suggest that nominations be submitted by the thesis advisor.  

The nominating material must include the title of the paper, name of the student, names of co-authors (if any), name of the degree-granting institution, date thesis was finally approved, members of the thesis committee, and complete reference citation for the article. The nomination packet must also include the abstract that appeared when the paper was published.  All material must be electronically uploaded to the INFORMS award platform.

The voting process is handled entirely by Beth West at INFORMS. Nobody from ISMS or the journal editor team has any role in the voting process, and they cannot see the votes.


Please submit nominations using this link to the INFORMS awards platform before midnight EST on March 1, 2024 

Click the link below to begin the nomination process. Nominators can use their INFORMS username and password if they have one or they can easily create a username and password for the platform. For all technical support, please contact Beth West at


To be consistent with the award protocol, nominations for the 2023 award cannot be accepted after March 1, 2024

The winner of the 2023 Bass Award will be announced at the 2024 Marketing Science Conference, on the INFORMS Society of Marketing website, and in the Newsletter. 


On behalf of the ISMS Board,

Raji Srinivasan

Secretary, INFORMS Society for Marketing Science (ISMS)

Professor of Marketing

McCombs School of Business, University of Texas at Austin