John D. C. Little Award

John D. C. Little Award

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The John D. C. Little award is given annually to the best marketing paper published in Marketing ScienceManagement Science, or another INFORMS journal.  Eligible papers are original research articles and commentaries.  Editorials, Database articles, Practice prize articles, Review articles, Invited articles, and Invited commentaries are not eligible. For the 2019 award the papers are:

(1) all eligible papers published in Marketing Science in 2019,

(2) all eligible papers published in Management Science in 2019 that were handled by a Department Editor for Marketing or that use "marketing" as a key word, or

(3) any eligible paper published in Management Science or another INFORMS journal during 2019 and nominated by its authors.

Authors of papers in categories (1) and (2) do not need to nominate their papers; they will be considered automatically.