Erlang Prize for Early Career Applied Probabilists

Erlang Prize for Early Career Applied Probabilists

A single prize will be awarded once every two years during even calendar years by the Applied Probability Society (APS) of INFORMS to an early career researcher who has made a significant contribution to applied probability.

A plaque and a $1,000 check.

To recognize outstanding contributions to applied probability made by an early career researcher.

Anyone not more than 9 years beyond receiving a PhD degree (a candidate who received his or her first PhD or an equivalent degree anytime in year X is eligible for the award through year X + 9).

Nomination Deadline
April 1st in even calendar years. (Note: in 2020, this has been extended to April 15th.)


  1. The decision on the award of the Erlang Prize will be made by the Applied Probability Society Prize Selection Committee.
  2. The committee will use the following criteria in making judgements:
    1. the extent to which the contributions of the nominee advances the state of the art of applied probability,
    2. the originality of the ideas or methods and/or the degree to which existing theory or methods is unified or simplified, and
    3. the new areas of application it opens.
  3. Nominations will be solicited via notices to the APS INFORMS Connect community.
  4. Nominations may be made by anyone, including the nominee. Nominations consist of:
    1. a description of the significance of the nominee's work and
    2. supporting documents (including a suggested two to four letters).
  5. Nominations should be sent electronically to the chair of the Prize Selection Committee via email. Click here for a list of current committee members.
  6. Nominators and nominees will be held in confidence by the committee, with the exception that they may consult (in confidence) with anyone they deem necessary.
  7. The committee will inform the APS chairperson of the name of the winner at least three months prior to the INFORMS meeting. The chairperson will in turn inform the winner, and ensure that the plaque and check are available for presentations at the INFORMS meeting. The presentation will be made by a member of the committee at the APS meeting scheduled during the INFORMS meeting.
  8. The winner will be announced via a notice to the APS INFORMS Connect community and in OR/MS Today, as well as in any other medium deemed desirable by the committee.
  9. The decision of the committee is final. The committee is authorized to choose the winner without review or approval of the selection by the APS or the APS Council.