Joining the INFORMS APS Community:  

You can join the INFORMS APS Community in two ways. If you are an INFORMS member, go to and log in to your account. Once you are inside your profile, you'll see the "Join" menu (right next to "Store" on the top right corner (if you are using a desktop browser). Click on the Join menu and on the lefthand side of the screen you'll see a bar, showing multiple options, including "Renew and Review Memberships", which you can click and then you'll be able to select joining APS.  

To enroll in the INFORMS APS Community, without having to join the broader INFORMS Community and/or register for INFORMS conferences more broadly, please send an email of the following template to : , CCing and  



Subject : Joining INFORMS APS Community  


Hello. I am interested in formally joining the INFORMS APS Community (without joining the broader INFORMS community) at the cost of either $5 for a student, $15 for a non-student, or $5 for retiree status as appropriate (as I wish to only join the APS Community, not INFORMS broadly). Can you please follow up with registration, fees, and invoice? Thanks in advance. Also, for your convenience, please find some additional information below.  

First name  

Last name  



-Your name-  


For information on joining the broader INFORMS society, which will include the option to join the INFORMS APS community (although cost more for an annual membership), please see


Email Address Changes:

The Society also sends out periodic newsletters. If your email address changes, please notify the Applied Probability Society webmaster.