Bylaws of the Applied Probability Society

BYLAWS OF THE APPLIED PROBABILITY SOCIETY of The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) May 9, 2000


This organization is named the Applied Probability Society of INFORMS. Herein it will be referred to as "The Society." It is understood that INFORMS is an abbreviation for The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences.


The purposes of The Society shall be:

  1. To provide a continuing, specialized focus within INFORMS on the topic of applied probability, with the aim of identifying current and potential problems and developing contributions to their solutions.
  2. To lead in the development, dissemination, and implementation of knowledge, basic and applied research, and technologies related to applied probability.
  3. To support efforts to extend, unify and integrate related branches of knowledge and practice.
  4. To support the free interchange of information and encourage discussion and interaction among individuals having interest in the area of applied probability, by providing the opportunity for these individuals to meet and to exchange information, ideas, experiences, and techniques.
  5. To stimulate the type of cross-fertilization which can best be accomplished within the framework of a professional organization.
  6. To identify, codify, synthesize and interpret knowledge, tools, and techniques useful to applied probability, and to promote high professional standards and integrity in all work done in the field.
  7. To encourage the education of students and the continuing education of practitioners in this field of knowledge.

The Society is organized and will be operated exclusively for scientific or educational purposes with in the meaning of Society 50(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended.



  1. Any person interested in applied probability may become a member of this Society by completing a membership application and submitting it with the proper dues.
  2. All members shall have equal rights, duties, and privileges. Dues shall be payable in the Fall each year, and will be halved for students and retired members.
  3. Membership and participation shall be free from discrimination based on race, religion, ethnic group, national origin, handicap, sex, or sexual orientation.


  1. All Officers and Council Members of The Society must be members of The Society in good standing. Their duties shall be the following:
  2. Chair: Shall be the chief administrative officer of The Society, and shall be responsible for the general supervision, direction, and control of the business and affairs of The Society. The Chair shall preside at meetings and represent The Society in external affairs. The Chair shall also establish and appoint such committees as may be required. In addition, the Chair shall be responsible for maintaining communication with The Society's representative on the INFORMS Board, and for participating in the Nominating Assembly for the representative to the INFORMS Board.
  3. Vice-Chair: Shall, in the absence or disability of the Chair, perform the duties and exercise the powers of the Chair, and shall perform such other duties as The Society requires. In addition, the Vice-Chair shall be responsible for recommending speakers for special meetings of The Society, and for sessions sponsored by The Society at national and international meetings and shall coordinate the completion of the arrangements for those sessions. The Vice-Chair shall succeed the Chair at the completion of the term of the Chair.
  4. Secretary-Treasurer: Shall conduct correspondence with members and others, take the minutes, and keep the records of The Society (including financial), receive applications, encourage inquiries concerning membership, maintain contact with the Institute, and perform other duties usual to the offices of Secretary and Treasurer. This officer shall also cooperate with the INFORMS Business offices on any financial operation affecting their authority, shall receive all funds made available to The Society, shall deposit same in a banking institution approved by The Society's officers, and shall disburse funds whenever and wherever appropriate. The Secretary-Treasurer shall file an annual report with INFORMS describing The Society's activities and financial state. This officer shall also promote the financial condition of The Society and submit reports at business meetings.
  5. Council Members: The Council of The Society shall consist of the officers, the two past Chairs most recently retired from office and four regular Council members, and an international liaison Council member, each serving for a two-year period with two elected every year. Nominations for the Council will normally reflect the spectrum of disciplines and/or roles represented by Society members. The Council will constitute the governing body of The Society and will guide the officers in the administration of Society business.
  6. International Liaison Council Member: The international liaison shall be a resident of a country outside of North America, and shall be responsible for facilitating communication and encouraging interaction with non-North American members.
  7. Newsletter Editor: In addition to the elected officers and Council, the Chair shall (upon conferral with the Council) appoint a Newsletter Editor. This appointee shall be responsible to see that a Newsletter of The Society is published twice yearly to be received by the Members of The Society at least two weeks before each of the national meetings of INFORMS. The appointee will also be responsible to see that topics of interest and requisite announcements, shall appear in each issue of OR/MS Today and other professional publications deemed appropriate by the Council.
  8. Terms of Office: The terms of each office shall be two years, except for the office of Secretary-Treasurer and Newsletter Editor, which shall be indefinite. The term of office shall begin at the conclusion of the Fall Business Meeting of The Society. Officers may be renominated for re-election.
  9. Nominations: The Nominating Committee will be composed of the outgoing Chair or the Chair when there is no outgoing Chair, and the two past Chairs most recently retired. At least three months prior to the INFORMS annual meeting, the Chair of the Nominating Committee will forward a slate of candidates to the Secretary-Treasurer, prior to the Fall meeting, consisting of at least one candidate for each of two Council members. When it is an election year for the Vice-Chair and Secretary-Treasurer, the Chair of the Nominating Committee will also forward a slate of candidates to the Secretary-Treasurer, prior to the Fall meeting, consisting of at least one candidate for each office: Vice-Chair and Secretary-Treasurer. Additional nominations for any office may be made by a petition signed by at least five members or from the floor of a regularly scheduled and announced meeting. Petitions must reach the Secretary/Treasurer at least two months before the INFORMS annual meeting. All nominees must be members of The Society at the time of their nomination. It is desirable for the nominees also to be members of INFORMS.
  10. Voting: Officers shall be elected by ballot, using approval voting. Each year, the ballot shall be distributed no later than one month before the INFORMS annual meeting and tabulated by a disinterested person no later than one week before the annual meeting. Ties shall be resolved by means of fair random processes.
  11. Vacancies: Vacancies arising after elections will be filled as follows. Vice-Chair and Secretary-Treasurer will fill the vacancies in the office of Chair and Vice-Chair respectively. A vacancy in the office of the Secretary-Treasurer will be filled by one of the Council members. This selection will be made by the Council. No other vacancy in the Council will be filled until the following election, at which time vacancies will be filled by election where appropriate. These replacements will be effective only until the following election, at which time vacancies will be filled by election where appropriate.


The Society and its officers, under Charter from INFORMS, are accountable to the Institute for all operations and procedures. The INFORMS Board may suspend or revoke the Charter of The Society for inappropriate operations and/or procedures. Each year, at a time specified by the Vice President for Subdivisions, The Society will submit a report to said Vice President summarizing the significant accomplishments and activities during the previous year. This report must include a careful accounting of Society funds during the year.



Dues to defer annual operation expenses may be assessed on all members by the Council of the Society.



The Bylaws may be adopted, annulled, or amended by an affirmative vote of at least two-thirds of all the members of the Council. Bylaws may also be adopted, annulled or amended by an affirmative vote of at least two-thirds of the members present at a general business meeting of The Society. Members shall be given adequate notice of proposed Bylaws changes prior to such a meeting. The Council shall have the authority to interpret the Bylaws. Bylaws approved by the Council or the membership must be sent to the INFORMS Board. The new Bylaws become effective when approved by the INFORMS Board.



Robert's Rules of Order shall govern Business Meetings, in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with the Bylaws.