Previous Council Members and Other Officers

Previous Council Members and Other Officers

The following is a partial list (sorted alphabetically by surname) of individuals who have served the Applied Probability Society in the past. It is a complete listing of such individuals from about the year 2000 onwards. If you have served the Applied Probability Society in the past and find that you are either not listed or have not been fully credited for your service, please contact the APS Webmaster to add or modify your listing. A list of individuals who have served in the Prize Selection Committee can be found here

 Ivo Adan (International Liason Council 2015-17)

 Victor Araman (Council 2008-2010)

 Nilay Argon (Council 2012-14)

 Baris Ata (Council 2007-09)

 Francois Baccelli (APS Conference Program Chair 1993)

 Michael Bailey (Newsletter Editor 1995-97)

 Dimitris Bertsimas (APS Conference Program Committee 1997)

 U. Narayan Bhat (Chair 1975-76, 1979-80)

 Jose Blanchet (Chair 2020-22)

 Anton Braverman  (Council 2021-23)

 Rene Caldentey (Council 2009-11)

 Michael Caramanis (APS Conference Program Committee 1997)

 Christos Cassandras (APS Conference Program Committee 1997)

 Carri Chan (Council 2013-15)

 Xuili Chao (Council 2004-06)

 Hong Chen (Chair 1995-96, APS Conference Program Co-Chair 2004)

 Xinyun Chen (Council 2019-21)

 Ed Coffman (APS Conference 2001)

 Robert B. Cooper (Chair 1984-85)

 Jim Dai (Council 1998-2000)

 Andrew Daw (Communication and Webmaster 2020-22)

 Ton Dieker (Prize Committee 2018-21)

 Ralph L. Disney (Chair 1981-82)

 Jing Dong (Council 2018-20)

 Bharat Doshi (Chair 1994-95)

 Doug Down (Council 2004-06, INFORMS Subdivision Council 2006-10)

 Vivek Farias (Council 2011-13)

 Eugene Feinberg (Council 2001-03)

 Emmanuel Fernandez (Council 1999-2001)

 Robert Foley (Secretary/Treasurer 1997-99, APS Conference Co-Chair 1995)

 Peter Frazier (Council 2013-15)

 Andreas Frey (APS Conference Program Committee 1999)

 Natarajan Gautam (Newsletter Editor/Webmaster 2000-03)

 Donald P. Gaver (Chair 1989-90)

 Peter Glynn (Chair 2004-06, Council 2007-10)

 David Goldberg (Vice Chair 2020-22)

 Winfried Grassman (Council 2000-02)

 Itai Gurvich (Chair 2018-20, Council 2021-23)

 Carl M. Harris (Chair 1980-81)

 John Hasenbein (Council 2002-04, 2018-2020, Chair 2014-2016)

 Shane Henderson (Council 2002-04, 2012-15, Chair 2010-2012)

 Chris Heyde (APS Conference 2001)

 Daniel P. Heyman (Chair 1978-79, APS Conference 2001)

 J.Q. Hu (APS Conference Program Committee 1997)

 Jefferson Huang (Webmaster 2018-20)

 Garud Iyengar (Newsletter Editor/Webmaster 2003-07)

 Otis Jennings (Council 2006-08)

 Uwe Jensen (APS Conference Program Committee 1999)

 Julian Kielson (Council 1986-87)

 Steven Kou (Council 2003-05) 

 Vidyadhar Kulkarni (Chair 1993-94, APS Conference Chair 1988)

 Sunil Kumar (Chair 2008-10, Council 2011-14)

 Bernard Lamond (Newsletter Editor/Webmaster 1997-1999)

 Guy Latouche (International Liaison 2001-03)

 Johan van Leeuwaarden (Council 2012-14)

 Mark Lewis (Council 2001-03, 2016-2018, Chair 2012-14)

 Constantinos Maglaras (Council 2000-02)

 Siva Theja Maguluri (Council 2020-22)

 Misakiyo Miyazawa (APS Conference 2001)

 Ciamac Moallemi (Council 2011-13)

 Marcel Neuts (Chair 1977-78)

 Giang Nguyen (Council 2016-18)

 Tava Olsen (Council 1997-99)

 Lerzan Ormeci (International Liason Council Member 2018-20)

 Teunis Ott (Chair 1982-83)

 Gordon Pang (Council 2016-18)

 Ioannis Paschalidis (APS Conference Program Committee 1997)

 Jamol Pender (Council 2018-20)

 J. Perkins (APS Conference Program Committee 1997)

 Michael Pinedo (APS Conference 2001)

 N.U. Prabhu (Chair 1988-89)

 Peter Purdue (Chair 1983-84)

 Marty Reiman (Chair 2006-08)

 Spyros Reveliotis (Representative to AACC 2015-18)

 Ulrich Rieder (APS Conference 1999, International Liaison Council Member 1999-2001)

 Rhonda Righter (Chair 1998-00, Council Member 2000-04, Prize Committee 2019-22)

 Alan Scheller-Wolf (Council 2008-2010)

 Volker Schmidt (APS Conference Program Committee 1999)

 Richard Serfozo (Chair 1985-86, APS Conference Co-Chair 1995)

 Les Servi (Chair 2000-02, Council 2002-2006, APS Rep 2004-06)

 Perwez Shahabuddin (APS Conference 2001)

 J. George Shanthikumar (Chair 1991-92, APS Conference Program Chair 1991)

 Larry Shepp (APS Conference 2001)

 Pengyi Shi (Council 2020-22)

 Mark Squillante (APS Conference 2001, APS Liaison to INFORMS Sub-Division Council 2020-22)

 Peter Taylor (International Liaison Council Member 2013-15)

 Tolga Tezcan (Council 2014-16)

 Huseyin Topaloglu (Council 2009-11)

 Mark Van Oyen (Council 1997-99)

 Neil Walton (Council 2012-14)

 Amy Ward (Chair 2016-18, Council 2003-05, Council 2020-22)

 Richard Weber (International Liaison, Council Member 2003-05) 

 Kuang Xu (Council 2021-23)

 Galit Yom-Tov (International Liaison, Council Member 2021-23) 

 Stan Zachary (International Liaison 2007-09)

 Assaf Zeevi (Council 2006-08, Prize Committee 2012-15)

 Hanqin Zhang (Council 2011-13, Prize Committee 2012-15)

 Jiheng Zhang (Webmaster 2016-18)

 Yuan Zhong (Council 2019-21)

 Bert Zwart (Council 2007-09, International Liaison 2011-13, Prize Committee 2013-16)