ISS Gordon B. Davis Young Scholar Award

INFORMS Information Systems Society Gordon B. Davis Young Scholar Award – 2022


Call for Nominations

The Information Systems Society (ISS) invites nominations for the ISS Gordon B. Davis Young Scholar Award. The award is named in honor of University of Minnesota professor, Gordon Davis, who was part of the founding fathers of the information systems discipline. The award recognizes and honors young scholars who are on a path towards making outstanding intellectual contributions to the information systems discipline.


This award focuses on recognizing non-tenured junior scholars who have completed their PhDs between three to six years from this call (Fall 2022). Nominees are to have demonstrated competence in pursuing and executing quality IS research that makes meaningful intellectual contribution to the IS discipline.

An Award Selection Committee has been formed to recommend candidates for the award for 2022. The committee members are Anindya Ghose (Chair), Elena Karahanna, Xinxin Li, Olivia R. Liu Sheng (ex-officio, President-ISS).

At this stage, nominations for the award are invited from the information systems community at large. Though self-nominations are discouraged, anyone can submit a nomination to the President of ISS, Olivia Sheng, by email at: (please state the subject as "Nomination for ISS Gordon B. Davis Young Scholar Award - 2022").  The deadline for submission of nominations is August 17, 2022.

Submission Instructions

The nomination should include a brief (not to exceed two pages) description of the candidate's achievements and eligibility for the award, and should be accompanied with a CV and/or a bio. Members of the award selection committee may add other candidates at their discretion and judgment. One ISS member nomination is sufficient, multi-member nomination is not necessary.

The award selection committee will deliberate upon the pool of nominees and make recommendations to the President of the Information Systems Society.  Winners of the award will be informed on September 15th, 2022. The 2022 ISS Gordon B. Davis Young Scholar Award winner will be announced during the 2022 Conference on Information Systems Technology at Indianapolis, Indiana. A plaque from the society will be presented. Organization details of this celebration event will be updated later.

It is a condition of the award that the ISS Gordon B. Davis Young Scholar be a member of the Information Systems Society, and, except for unusual circumstances approved by the President of ISS, remain a member of the Society until they retire from full-time work.

About the Informs Information Systems Society (ISS)

The Information Systems Society (ISS) supports the intellectual interests of information systems scholars who are members of INFORMS.  It provides support for academic forums such as the annual Conference on Information Systems and Technology (CIST), the spring Theory in Economics of IS (TEIS) workshop, the summer Statistical Challenges in E-Commerce Research (SCECR) conference, and the annual IT Teaching workshop.  The society also provides support for editorial activities and publication of Information Systems Research. In addition, the society sponsors or supports several awards each year including the ISS Distinguished Fellow Award, the Sandy Slaughter Early Career Award, the ISS Nunamaker-Chen Dissertation Award, the ISS Practical Impacts Award, the ISS Haim Mendelson Teaching Innovation Award, and ISS Best Paper in Management Science Award. In addition to these awards, ISS is sponsoring two new awards this year, namely the ISS Bapna-Ghose Social Justice Best Paper Award, and the ISS President's Service Award, to recognize the deserving efforts of our community.