About the Information Systems Society

About the Information Systems Society

The INFORMS Information Systems Society seeks to foster, promote, and disseminate research on the use and impact of information technology in organizations. It provides a forum for researchers and practitioners in information systems to interact and further their interests in the area. One of the goals of the society is to encourage interdisciplinary research by leveraging connections between other societies and colleges within the INFORMS environment.


Information Systems Research (ISR) is the flagship journal the society. For current contents and submission information, please refer to the journal's website.


The history of ISS goes back to when it was started as "The Institute of Management Sciences (TIMS) Business Computer and Data Systems." In 1974, still part of TIMS, it became the "College on Information Systems (CIS)." INFORMS was formed from the Operations Research Society of America (ORSA) and TIMS in 1995. At that point, the CIS became an INFORMS subdivision. CIS was approved by the INFORMS Board to become a society in late 1998.

About This Site

In early 2004, this site moved to the Informs servers. For 3 years before that, this site was located at Fairfield University, where it was maintained by Chris Huntley and his students. We are currently seeking input from the members about the site's design and content. If you have any suggestions or comments about the site, please direct them to mingweny@uw.edu.