2023 Best Paper Awards

2023 INFORMS Data Mining Best Paper Awards


  • Young Woong Park, Iowa State University
  • Andi Wang, Arizona State University

Student Paper Track

  • Dazhou Lei (Tsinghua University); Yongzhi Qi (JD.com); Dongyang Geng (JD.com); Jianshen Zhang(JD.com); Hao Hu (JD.com); Sheng Liu (Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto); Zuo-Jun Max Shen (University of Hong Kong)
    • Title: Pooling and Boosting for Demand Prediction in Retail: A Transfer Learning Approach
  • Naichen Shi (University of Michigan); Raed Al Kontar (University of Michigan); Salar Fattahi (University of Michigan)
    • Title: Heterogeneous Matrix Factorization: When Features Differ by Datasets
  • Yiling Xie (Georgia Tech); Yiling Luo (Georgia Tech); Xiaoming Huo (Georgia Tech) Runner-Up
    • Title: An Accelerated Stochastic Algorithm for Solving the Optimal Transport Problem
  • Ruiyu Xu (Peking University); Chao Wang (University of Iowa); Yongxiang Li (Shanghai Jiao Tong University); Jianguo Wu (Peking University) Winner 
    • Title: Generalized Time Warping Invariant Dictionary Learning for Time Series Classification and Clustering

    General Paper Track

      • Amine Bennouna (MIT), Ryan Lucas (MIT), Bart Van Parys (MIT) Runner-Up

        • Title: Bridging Robustness and Generalization: Certified Robust Neural Networks

      • Yiyang Sun (Duke University); Zhi Chen (Duke University); Vittorio Orlandi (Duke University); Tong Wang (University of Iowa); Cynthia Rudin (Duke University) Winner

        • Title: Sparse and Faithful Explanations without Sparse Models

      • Sunandan Chakraborty (Indiana University IUPUI); Ashwin Venkataraman (University of Texas at Dallas); Srikanth Jagabathula (New York University); Lakshminarayanan Subramanian (New York University)

        • Title: News Event-driven Forecasting of Commodity Prices

      • Xinming Wang (Peking University); Yongxiang Li (Shanghai Jiaotong University); Xiaowei Yue (Tsinghua University); Jianguo Wu (Peking University)

        • Title: Non-stationary and Sparsely-correlated Multi-output Gaussian Process with Spike-and-Slab Prior

      2023 INFORMS Data Mining and Decision Analytics Workshop Best Paper Competition Awards


      • Ying Lin, University of Houston 
      • Michael Lash, University of Kansas

      Best Applied Paper Track

          • Ang Xu, University of California - Berkeley

            • Title: A Locational Demand Model for Bike Sharing

          •  Hairong Wang, Georgia Institute of Technology Winner

            • Title: Biologically-informed Deep Neural Networks for Precision Medicine of Brain Cancer

          •  Jie Guo, Tsinghua University Runner-Up

            • Title: Thompson Sampling based Partially Observable Online Monitoring Approach for Large Dynamic Networks

          •  Zheng Dong, Georgia Institute of Technology

            • Title: Multi-resolution Spatio-temporal Prediction with Uncertainty Quantification for Wind Power Generation

          •  Meng Jiao, Stevens Institute of Technology

            • Title: UONN-ESI: Extended Brain Sources Estimation via Unrolled Optimization Neural Networks

          Best Theoretical Paper Track

            • Brain Cho, Cornell University

              • Title: Kernel Debiased Plug-in Estimation

            • Jie Wang, Georgia Institute of Technology Winner

              • Title: Entropic Regularization for Adversarial Robust Learning

            • Yuhao Wang, Georgia Institute of Technology Runner-Up

              • Title: Bayesian Risk-Averse Q-Learning with Streaming Observation

            •  Yunduan Lin, University of California, Berkeley

              • Title: Nonprogressive Diffusion on Social Networks: Approximation and Applications

            2023 INFORMS Data Mining and Decision Analytics Data Mining Competition


            • Hieu Pham, University of Alabama in Huntsville 
            • Shouyi Wang, University of Texas at Arlington

            BSS Data Challenge

            • Hyemi Kim, Jiaqi Shi - Columbia University

              • Title: Decoupling Price and Demand Estimation for Price Exploration

            • Haixu Liu, Xiyuan He, Qiuzhuang Sun, Penghao Jiang - University of Sydney

              • Title: Commodity pricing optimization strategy based on ts2vec framework and LCE model simulation

            • Qiuzhuang Sun, Zerui Tao, Sixing Liu, Haixu Liu - University of Sydney The 1st Place Award

              • Title: Prescriptive Analytics for Pricing: Integration of Deep Learning, Dimension Reduction, and Data-Driven Optimization

            • Jie Wang - Georgia Institute of Technology

              • Title: Reliable Offline Pricing in eCommerce Decision-Making: A Distributionally Robust Viewpoint

            • Kaizheng Wang, Chengpiao Huang, Yuhang Wu - Columbia University The 2nd Place Award

              • Title: Data-Driven Pricing and Profit Forecasting in a Dynamic Market

            2023 INFORMS Section on Data Mining Prize


            • Joe Chou, Northeastern University

            Data Mining Prize Winner

            • Dr. Victoria Chen, University of Texas, Arlington