Joe Chou headshot

Chun-An (Joe) Chou
Northeastern University
Vice Chair/Chair-Elect

Nathan Gaw
Air Force Institute of Technology

Victoria M. N. Wangia-Anderson
University of Cincinnati

Council Members
ywpark Eyyub headshot
Shouyi Wang
University of Texas at Arlington
(Former Chair 2021-2022)
Term: 2022-2024
Matthew Lanham
Purdue University
(Former Chair 2020-2021)
Term: 2021-2023
Young Woong Park
Iowa State University
Term: 2021-2023
Ying Lin
University of Houston
Term: 2022-2024
Feng Liu
Stevens Institute of Technology
Term: 2022-2024
Eyyub Kibis
Montclair State University
Term: 2022-2024

Former Chairs
Kwok-Leung Tsui
(Founding Chair, 2003-2004)
Kwok Tsui
Virginia Tech

Tom Au 
AT&T Lab
Tory Chen
University of Texas at Arlington
Andrew Kusiak | Geoinformatics for Environmental and Energy Modeling and  Prediction | The University of Iowa(2006-2007)
Andrew Kusiak
University of Iowa


Wei Jiang
Stevens Institute of Technology
Xiaoming Huo(2008-2009)
Xiaoming Huo
Georgia Institute of Technology

DSAA 2017 Special Sessions(2009-2010)
Rong (Winnie) Duan
Huawei Technologies
Seoung Bum Kim(2010-2011)
Seoung Bum Kim
Korea University
Jing Li(2011-2012)
Jing Li
Georgia Institute of Technology
Faculty and Staff Directory — VCU School of Business(2012-2013)
Paul Brooks
Virginia Commonwealth University
Myong K. Jeong | Rutgers University, Industrial and ...(2013-2014)
Myong K. (MK) Jeong
Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
W. Art Chaovalitwongse
University of Arkansas

Cynthia Rudin(2015-2016)
Cynthia Rudin
Duke University

Onur Seref
Virginia Tech

Asil Oztekin(2017-2018)
Asil Oztekin
UMass Lowell

Duraikannan  Sundaramoorthi headshot(2018-2019)
Duraikannan Sundaramoorthi
Washington University in St. Louis

Ali Dag headshot(2019-2020)
Ali Dag
Creighton University 

Matthew Lanham
Purdue University  

Shouyi Wang
University of Texas at Arlington






Advisory Board Members

  • Susan AlbinRutgers University
  • Russ BartonPennsylvania State University
  • George RungerArizona State University
  • Kwei TangPurdue University
  • Janet TwomeyWitchita State University
  • Jeff WuGeorgia Institute of Technology
  • Kwok-Leung TsuiVirginia Tech