2022 Best Paper Awards

2022 INFORMS Data Mining Best Paper Awards

Student Paper Track

  • Samuel Pfrommer (University of California, Berkeley), Brendon G. Anderson (University of California, Berkeley), Somayeh Sojoudi (University of California, Berkeley) Runner-up
    • Title: Projected Randomized Smoothing for Certified Adversarial Robustness
  • Rui Xin (Duke University), Takuya Takagi (Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.), Chudi Zhong (Duke University), Zhi Chen (Duke University), Margo Seltzer (The University of British Columbia), Cynthia Rudin (Duke University)
    • Title: Exploring the Whole Rashomon Set of Sparse Decision Trees
  • Xubo Yue (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor), Raed Al Kontar (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)
    • Title: Federated Gaussian Process: Convergence, Automatic Personalization and Multi-fidelity Modeling
  • Xiaojun Zheng (Duke University), Simon Mak (Duke University), Liyan Xie (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Yao Xie (Georgia Institute of Technology) Winner 
    • Title: PERCEPT: a new online change-point detection method using topological data analysis 

General Paper Track

    • Paul Brooks (VCU), David J. Edwards (VCU), Craig E. Larson (VCU), Nico Van Cleemput (Ghent University) Runner-Up
      • Title: Conjecturing-Based Discovery of Patterns in Data
    • Negin Golrezaei (MIT), Vahideh Manshadi (Yale), Shreyas Sekar (Rotman School of Management and U Toronto Scarborough), Jon Schneider (Google Research)
      • Title: Learning Product Rankings Robust to Fake Users
    • Prateek Jaiswal, Debdeep Pati, Anirban Bhattacharya, Bani Mallick (Texas A&M University)
      • Title: Generalized Regret Analysis of Thompson Sampling using Fractional Posteriors
    • Hamsa Bastani (UPenn), Osbert Bastani (UPenn), Park Sinchaisri (UC Berkeley) Winner
      • Title: Improving Human Decision-Making with Machine Learning

    2022 INFORMS Data Mining and Decision Analytics Workshop Best Paper Competition Awards

    Best Applied Paper Track

      • George H. Chen, Carnegie Mellon University
        • Title: Survival Kernets: Scalable and Interpretable Deep Kernel Survival Analysis with an Accuracy Guarantee 
      •  Jingwei Zhang, UCLA Anderson School of Management
        • Title: Planning Bike Lanes with Data: Ridership, Congestion, and Path Selection
      •  Desheng Ma, Cornell University
        • Title: SMRT: A Structural Model of Latent Ratings and Topics in Text
      •  Min Gu Kwak, Georgia Institute of Technology Runner-Up
        • Title: Self-Supervised Contrastive Learning to Predict Alzheimer’s Disease Progression with 3D Amyloid-PET 
      •  Zheng Dong, Georgia Institute of Technology Winner
        • Title: Non-stationary spatio-temporal point process modeling for high-resolution COVID-19 data

      Best Theoretical Paper Track

      • Cheolhei Lee, Virginia Tech
        • Title: Failure-averse Active Learning for Physics-constrained Systems
      • Guihong Wan, Harvard University Runner-Up
        • Title: Anytime Combinatorial Search for Matrix Sparse Representation 
      • Ruizhi Zhang, University of Georgia
        • Title: Change Detection of Large-Scale Data Streams via an Adaptive Top-r Method
      •  Kaixun Hua, University of British Columbia Winner
        • Title: A Deterministic Global Optimization Algorithm for Training Optimal Decision Tree on Large Datasets