2017 Best Paper Awards

2017 Awards

  • INFORMS 2017 Data Mining Best Paper Awards: The information on the four finalists and their papers (presenting student's name is highlighted in bold) are as follows:

    Applied Track 
    • "Data Science Based Simulation and Optimization of Soybean Variety Selection" by Durai Sundaramoorthi (non-student), Washington University in Saint Louis.

    • "Dynamic Multivariate Functional Data Modeling via Sparse Subspace Learning" by Chen Zhang (student), National University of Singapore   

  • Theoretical Track  
    • "Wasserstein Distributional Robustness and Regularization in Statistical Learning" by Rui Gao  (student), Georgia Institute of Technology.

    • "Frequentist Consistency of Variational Bayes" by Yixin Wang (student), Columbia University

Here is the photo of the finalists: 

2017 Paper Awards
DM Section 2017 Best Paper Awards (from left to right :  Onur Seref (DM Section chair), Rui Gao, Yixin Wang, Chen Zhang, Durai Sundaramoorthi and Tong Wang (DM section Officer)

2017 DMA Workshop Non-Student Paper Award Winner

 Changqing Cheng, State University of New York at Binghamton
 "Multi-scale Gaussian Process for Dynamic Evolution Prediction of Complex Systems "

Non-student paper competition winner, Changqing Cheng, taking his award.