2013 Best Student Paper Awards

There were an increased number of submissions to the INFORMS Data Mining Best Student Paper competition this year over past years. A total of 19 papers were submitted and these papers were evaluated by 5 reviewers. The top four papers were selected for the presentation at the 2013 INFORMS Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, MN. The information on the four finalists and their papers is as follows:

  • Benjamin Letham: An Interpretable Stroke Prediction Model Using Rules and Bayesian Analysis, MIT


  • Chitta Ranjan: Flow Modeling and Prediction of Heterogenous Patients Using Semi-Markov Mixture Clustering, Georgia Tech


  • Zhaoran Wang: An Inexact Homotopy Method for Nonconvex High Dimensional Sparse Learning Problems, Princeton


  • Zhengyi Zhou: A Spatio-Temporal Mixture Model for Point Processes with Application to Ambulance Demand, Cornell


The winner of the Best Student Paper Award, Benjamin Letham at MIT, was announced at the Data Mining business meeting. Thanks to those of you who helped organize the student paper competition, and congratulations again to the finalists!