2015 Best Student Paper Awards

INFORMS 2015 Data Mining Best Student Paper Finalists: The information on the four finalists and their papers (presenting student's name is highlighted in bold) are as follows:

  • "Sparse Precision Matrix Selection for Fitting Gaussian Random Field Models to Large Data Sets" by Sam Davanloo Tajbakhsh, Enrique Del Castillo and Necdet Serhat  Aybat from Penn State University.
  • "Falling Rule Lists" by Fulton Wang and Cynthia Rudin from MIT.
  • "Sensor-Driven Condition-Based Generation Maintenance and Operations Scheduling" by Murat Yildirim and Nagi Gebraeel from Georgia Tech.
  • Winner: "When Wind Meets Turbines: A New Statistical Approach for Characterizing the Heterogeneous Wake Effects in Multi-turbine Wind Farms" by Mingdi You and   Eunshin Byon from University of Michigan.

Here are photos of the finalists: