DAS Video Platform

The external website da-videos.org collects high-quality DA videos and presents them to an interested audience. The DAS endorses this platform. The objectives are to

  • Promote DA to practitioners, students, and others.
  • Raise awareness of DA.
  • Maximize DA research dissemination.
  • Create traffic to the website of the Decision Analysis Society.
  • Maximize “cross-selling” of different ideas, areas, and methods.
  • Gather exciting materials for scholars, especially in neighboring fields who teach “just a bit DA.”
  • Gather exciting materials for students (self-learning).
  • Showcase high quality DA.


The video platform should be inclusive so that everyone can suggest a video. However, the quality of the videos is crucial. Therefore, a DAS video committee will screen suggested videos. After the screening, suitable videos will be included. There are two additional mechanisms to ensure high-quality videos.

  • If someone has reasons why a particular video should not be included on this website, he or she can contact the head of the DA video committee and share these reasons. The DA video committee will reassess and exclude the video from the website if necessary.
  • The person who suggests a video will also be displayed for each video


Please click on the following link to be forwarded to the video platform: https://da-videos.org/

If you have any questions, please contact the a the head of DA-Video Committee.

Johannes Ulrich Siebert Nadia Papamichail Emanuele Borgonovo Ying He


Decision Science and Behavioral Economics

Management Center Innsbruck


Head of the DA-Video Committee

Senior Lecturer

Information and Decision Systems, Alliance Manchester Business School - Management Science and Marketing Division

n.Papamichail (at) manchester.ac.uk

Committee Member

Full Professor

Department of Decision Sciences

Bocconi University

emanuele.Borgonovo (at) unibocconi.it

Committee Member

Associate Professor

Department Business and Management

University of Southern Denmark

Yinghe (at) sam.sdu.dk

Committee Member