Decision Analysis Today: The Newsletter of the INFORMS Decision Analysis Society is published a few times throughout the year. New issues are posted to INFORMS Connect, and links to the new edition of Decision Analysis Today are emailed to all members of the Decision Analysis Society. Previous issues of Decision Analysis Today and the Decision Analysis Newsletter are archived in the newsletter archive.

The current version of Decision Analysis Today is available for download:

Decision Analysis Today contains columns, announcements, and working paper abstracts. We are glad to publish news and announcements that serve the professional interests of our members, including:

  • Announcements of upcoming meetings, conferences, and workshops
  • Information about new books, working papers, software, and teaching materials
  • Essays about topics in the field of decision analysis
  • News items about Society members and/or their institutions (advancements, promotions, awards, changes of address, etc.)

If you have announcements, news, or other items that you would like to contribute to the next issue of Decision Analysis Today, please send it to the newsletter editor-in-chief:

Andrea Hupman

Assistant Professor
Supply Chain & Analytics
University of Missouri - St. Louis