The Decision Analysis Society gives four awards:

Frank P. Ramsey Medal
The Frank P. Ramsey Medal is the highest award of the DAS and recognizes distinguished contributions to the field of decision analysis.
2021 Winner: Robert F. Bordley. (See full announcement)

Decision Analysis Publication Award
The Publication Award is given annually to the best decision analysis article or book published in the second preceding calendar year (i.e. publications appearing in 2019 are considered for the 2021 award).
2021 Winner: Asa Palley & Jack Soll for the paper "Extracting the wisdom of crowds when information is
shared," in Management Science, 65.5 (2019): 2291-2309

DAS Practice Award
The Practice Award is given jointly by the DAS and the Society of Decision Professionals to the best decision analysis application, as judged by a panel of members of both societies.
The 2021 Winner will be announced at the Awards Session during the INFORMS annual conference, October 26th, 2021.
2020 Winner: Kelly F. Robinson (Michigan State University), Mark R. DuFour (Ohio Department of Natural Resources), Lucas Nathan (Michigan Department of Natural Resources), Jason L. Fischer (Michigan State University), Michael Jones (Michigan State University), Seth J. Herbst (Michigan Department of Natural Resources), and Tammy Newcomb (Michigan Department of Natural Resources) for their work on "A Decision Analytic Approach to Collaboratively Respond to Invasive Grass Carp in Lake Erie"

DAS Student Paper Award
The Student Paper Award is given annually to the best decision analysis paper by a student author.
2021 Winner: Nicolò Bertani, for the paper "Fast and Simple Adaptive Elicitations: Experimental Test for Probability
Weighting", co-authored with Abdellah Boukhatem, Enrico Diecidue, Patrice Perny and Paolo Viappiani

To learn more about each of these awards (including a list of past winners), follow the links above.