MSOM Student Paper Competition

2024 MSOM Student Paper Competition 
DEADLINE: 11:59 PM PDT, Sunday, June 2, 2024

The INFORMS Manufacturing and Service Operations Management (MSOM) Society announces the 2024 Student Paper Competition. The awards are given annually for papers judged to be the best in the field of Operations Management.

The first prize is accompanied by a $500 honorarium. The second prize is accompanied by a $300 honorarium. All other finalists will be awarded $100. The number of finalists will depend on the number of entries. Typically, there are between four and six finalists, including the first and second place winners.

Finalists will be invited to submit abstracts of their paper for publication in Manufacturing & Service Operations Management (M&SOM). Please note, under INFORMS policy, the publication of such abstracts in no way conflicts with submission of the full manuscript for review to any INFORMS or other journal for publication. In addition, the M&SOM journal would like to invite all finalists to submit their full-length papers to M&SOM for a fast-track review, and the acceptance decisions of all submissions will be made after 1 round of review (i.e., within 6 weeks).

All finalists and winners will be awarded at the MSOM business meeting at the INFORMS Annual Meeting in Seattle, Washington, US (October 20-23, 2024). All finalists will be invited to present their paper in one or two special sessions sponsored by MSOM at the 2024 INFORMS Annual Meeting. 


Eligibility Conditions:

There are five conditions for eligibility: 

  1.  Entrant must hold a student status on or after January 1, 2024, and the research presented in the paper must have been conducted while the entrant was a student.
  2. The submitted paper must present original research conducted primarily by the student entrant. Some assistance by other individuals (such as the student’s faculty advisor) is permitted; however, the entrant’s primary research advisor must certify that the student’s share of contribution to the paper exceeds 50%.
  3. Entrant must be a member of the MSOM Society on the date of submission.
  4. The paper must not have won a prize (1st or 2nd) in a previous MSOM student paper competition.
  5. A student may submit no more than one paper to the competition.


Submission Requirements:

In order to enter the competition, you need to submit your entry here. Please note that submission requires a (free) Google account.

For your submission to be considered complete, you will need to submit/enter the following: 

  1. The entrant’s contact information, contact information of the entrant’s primary research advisor, all co-authors, and the paper title. You will also be asked to select the topic area(s) and methodologies in the paper.
  2. The paper in completely anonymous form and PDF file format, and strictly compliant with all submission formatting standards of the journal M&SOM as described in this website. The main paper cannot exceed 32 pages, including all references, tables, graphs, and appendices, when typeset using either the Latex or Word style files for M&SOM. In addition to the main paper, you may submit, an online supplement to the paper of at most 16 pages. If you submit the online supplement, the paper and the online supplement must be submitted jointly as a single file. The file name should be the short title of the paper. Papers that do not satisfy submission guidelines will be disqualified.
  3. A letter in PDF file format signed by both a faculty advisor and the entrant attesting that the entrant and the paper satisfy the eligibility conditions.


Complete entries must be received by 11:59 PM PDT Sunday, June 2, 2024. Please note that this is the final deadline, and there will not be any extension. It is the entrant’s responsibility to allow for appropriate time to enroll as a new member of the MSOM Society (approximately 5 business days). Any question(s) related to the competition should be sent by email to:


Good luck to all entrants!

Vasiliki Kostami, Simone Marinesi, and Fanyin Zheng
Co-Chairs, 2024 MSOM Student Paper Competition