M&SOM Best Paper

M&SOM Best Paper Award

Application Process

•Stage 1: Compilation of Papers.
–All papers (excluding erratum notes and editorial pieces) published by the OM dept in prior three years are “nominated” by default. No solicitation of nominations required.
–Mgt Sci OM Department Editor(s) solicit nominations of operations-related papers published outside the OM department.

•Stage 2: Approval voting to select three finalists.
–Voting open to the OM Department Editors, OM Associate Editors, and other Mgt Sci Associate Editors who are members of the MSOM Society.
–If there is a tie for the third ranked paper, then all of those tied papers will be finalists.

•Stage 3: Selection of the winner.
–Approval voting (among finalists) open to entire MSOM society.