Data Driven Research Challenge

The 2021 MSOM Data Driven Research Challenge

RiRiShun Logistics (a Haier group subsidiary focusing on logistics service for home appliances) and the MSOM society are partnering to offer MSOM members access to RiRiShun's logistics data at the operational level data to encourage them to conduct data driven research.
In this competition, researchers will compete by building econometric models or data driven models using real data either to
address some of the suggested questions below, or address questions of their own interest.

Eligibility Criteria: Who can enter?
(1)  MSOM members are encouraged to participate.
(2)  At least one author of the submitted paper must be an existing MSOM member in 2020/2021.
(3)  Each MSOM member may enter the competition by submitting at most one paper.

Judging Criteria:  What the judges will be looking for?
All entries will be judged according to the following criteria
Criteria 1: Data-Driven.
Criteria 2: Potential Impact on Practice.
Criteria 3: Contribution to the Research Literature.
Criteria 4: Generalizability / Scalability.

MSOM 2021: Launch the competition.
September 1st, 2022: Competition submissions deadline.
October 1st, 2022: Judges to review submissions and select finalists
October, 2022 during INFORMS conference (exact date -- TBA): Finalist presentations, judges select winners, and winner(s) announcement.

* Finalist will be invited for a Fast Track submission to M&SOMFast Track means that the paper will go through 1 round of review before making a final decision.

Data Acquisition and Submission Guidelines:
(1) You need to be an MSOM member in 2020/2021.
(2) You need to use your INFORMS Member ID and Password to access the data.
(3) You can access the data here.
(4) Before the deadline, you can submit the paper to and select 2021 Data Driven Research Challenge.

*   If you have any further questions, please email one of the co-chairs.

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