Case Studies from Our Completed Projects

Health Services

Evaluating the Impact of Decisions

American Music Therapy Association

Deciding whether to raise the education requirement for a certification and forecasting the impact of making that change.

case_study1.jpg Read more about this project with the American Music Therapy Association


Using Data to Persuade Grant Funders

Baltimore Teacher Supply Swap

Determining whether current data sets would be appropriate for grant requests and what potential data might need to be collected to aid requests.

case_study2.jpg Read more about this project with the Baltimore Teacher Supply Swap


Making Evidence-Based Decisions from Your Data


Evaluating the feasibility and practicality of developing a data warehouse/business intelligence system for an organization.

case_study3.jpg Read more about this project with Chalkbeat


Effectively Measuring the Success of Marketing and Advertising


Comparing different channels of advertising and the impact campaigns have on traffic to stores.

case_study4.jpg Read more about this project with Goodwill

Social and Legal Services

Making Better Decisions with Data

On the Rise

Developing a tool for data aggregation and reporting to better explore participant engagement and how the organization is functioning.

case_study5.jpg Read more about this project with On the Rise

International Relations and Development

Measuring the State of Cities

UN Habitat

Defining a new KPI to measure human vulnerability with an existing City Prosperity Index.

case_study6.jpg Read more about this project with UN Habitat