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We are grateful for our nonprofit partners:

An in-depth look at a few of the organizations and communities our volunteers are helping.


A nonprofit responsible for data collection: our volunteers helped design a model to assess how a human population health can be used to evaluate city health.


An association of music therapy professionals: our volunteers helped the organization make a critical decision on whether to change certification requirements.


A homeless shelter for women and children: our volunteers enabled the organization to better understand and utilize the data they collect.

Goodwill® Industries of Greater Grand Rapids – The mission of Goodwill® is to “strive to enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals and families by helping people reach their full potential through education, skills training and the power of work.” They are faced with a problem most brick and mortar stores are having – declining foot traffic in the stores. This Pro Bono Analytics opportunity is to evaluate the different campaigns used by Goodwill, and their effectiveness in generating foot traffic at eight of the stores in their region. A secondary assessment is how the campaigns impact donations. The marketing campaigns involve a variety of media, including television ads, social media, Pandora, print and billboards.

"Thank you so much for the work you put into this project. You have provided not only actionable results but have helped us learn and be able to do more independent analysis in the future."

Chalkbeat is a nonprofit news organization committed to covering one of America’s most important stories: the effort to improve schools for all children, especially those who have historically lacked access to a quality education. Our volunteers were able to help Chalkbeat make evidence-based decisions by consolidating data previously spread across multiple systems and evaluating a DW/BI system as being feasible and practical for their organization. They helped plan the conversion of automated spreadsheets exposing data in Google Analytics to all staff along with Facebook/Facebook Ads, Mailchimp, Pardot, Salesforce, and Eventbrite.

"Automating our metrics tracking spreadsheets saves us time!"

Baltimore Teacher Supply Swap provides educational materials for students and teachers. They aim to reduce the burden of teachers spending their own money on supplies, and ensure that teachers and students have the supplies they need to be successful. They collect donations from teachers, schools, businesses, and individuals who have excess office supplies, arts and crafts materials, and classroom supplies and make them available to Baltimore City teachers and students  through their brick and mortar store or delivered through their free store "on wheels."

Baltimore Teacher Supply Swap worked with our volunteers to look at the data they have collected and currently collects on an ongoing basis to determine whether that data would be appropriate for grant requests. Our volunteers helped them with identifying data that should be collected, building out visualization dashboards, automating reporting, and creating surveys for program participants. This will greatly help BTSS for communicating with funders they are interested in pursuing. 

"[Your volunteers] Richard and Gisela have been fantastic and I'm so pleased with the outcomes!" 

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A sampling of the nonprofit organizations our volunteers
have helped make better decisions with their data:


ARTS EVERY DAY (www.artseveryday.org) works with Baltimore City Public Schools and a network of arts organizations to improve equitable access to arts education. The organization was born out of the Ford Foundation’s Arts Integration and Education Reform Initiative in 2005 and officially became the non-profit Arts Every Day in 2007. Their goal is to encourage creativity in education through participation in the arts, and their strategic goal is for all students in Baltimore City Public Schools to participate in courses on visual arts and music.

Arts Every Day wanted Pro Bono Analytics volunteer help to develop an analysis of their available data and to assist in producing reports on the state of the arts in Baltimore City Public Schools. Our volunteers were able to create two reports: one report to review the status across all schools, and the other report generated for each school. These reports are open to the public, so that students, parents, and schools have an informed perspective on participation in the arts at the various public schools in the district.


Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels is an organization focused on bringing dignity and comfort into the harsh world of childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. They address the "here and now" of the whole family and support them throughout their battle with cancer. They provide fun t-shirts and clothing, teach families to have a voice, provide financial assistance to families, train health-care professionals to offer Family Centered Care, and provide behavioral health counseling to the patients and their families.

They wanted to be able to be able to communicate their data more effectively with grant funders, donors, stakeholders, and the community. Our volunteers were able to help identify goals to consolidate all of the organization data into a cloud data-warehouse, automate reporting, ensure accuracy, and eliminate data silos. Specifically, they:

  • Developed the metrics that best convey the impact and value of the services they offer to grant funders, donors, stakeholders, and the community.
  • Identified the data need to analyze and develop the metrics. Enhanced data currently being collected and identified what other data should be collected and how.
  • Developed surveys and procedures to collect the data.
  • Developed the tools to input and analyze the metrics translating them to meaningful information in a way that is easy to understand.
  • Created a system that is sustainable, simple to operate, and able to grow with the organization.
  • Created a user instruction sheet at a level easily understandable by the lay person.


Nashville Zoo is a progressive and dynamic zoological park serving Middle Tennessee, southern Kentucky, and hundreds of thousands of tourists who travel to Nashville every year. The zoo’s Education Department was working on a comprehensive evaluation methodology for all their programs to measure knowledge, attitude, and behavioral change among participants. The zoo developed a uniform approach to evaluation and has tested several methods with the biggest hurdle being quantifying the results.  They rely on Survey Monkey for basic data management, and wanted volunteers help in improving the data analysis and their overall program evaluation process.  Our volunteer was able to pull all department surveys into Tableau to generate regular reports on program effectiveness that will help the zoo make strategic decisions about improving programs and also provide information to funders. They are thrilled with their new dashboards and central data storage location.



Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) of Central Arizona (https://www.bbbsaz.org/) matches volunteer adults (Bigs) with youth (Littles) that need mentors. They had recently implemented a Big Futures Program to help high school students improve their education, career options, and life enrichment.

The Big Futures mentoring program is designed to facilitate guidance between Bigs and Littles to help prepare for adulthood, the workforce, financial security, and independence. Through their Bigs and the BBBSAZ staff, Littles will be encouraged to stay focused on their academic and professional success. Big Futures programming provides enhanced training and support to matches that are focused on the student’s graduation from high school and progression into college, military and/or career. Participating matches receive resources and networking opportunities that provide guidance on college admission, financial aid and scholarships, as well as information about careers and workforce development opportunities, financial literacy, military service, and professional and technical training programs. Littles will also participate in group or cohort events quarterly, including college tours, career nights, resume writing, interviewing skills training, and leadership academies. Parents of the students and mentors will be provided with resources and education on how to best support the youth in college and career readiness. Most importantly, Bigs provide much needed mentorship, as Littles navigate opportunities that could positively shape their lives. For some, this could mean preparing for, and passing, their high school equivalency exam and enrolling in community college or a four-year college.

BBBS of Central Arizona wanted to use participant surveys to assess their Big Futures Program. The main purpose of the surveys was to enable reporting of impact to stakeholders. The organization has example surveys from the national BBBS and other regional BBBS nonprofits and they wanted a Pro Bono Analytics volunteer to help create the survey. Our volunteer was able to assist in development of the survey instrument, including consideration of a pre-test and post-test survey structure, advise on database tools for storing and handling survey data, and help develop a data analysis procedure to enable reporting impact and training staff to independently conduct data analysis.


St. Mary’s Food Bank, America's first food bank, has just celebrated its 50 year anniversary. Serving 250,000 meals per day, it is truly a community-based organization. Individual donors, corporate donors, and private grants help feed hungry individuals and families. St. Mary's Food Bank serves two-thirds of Arizona’s 15 counties, they are committed to volunteerism, building community relationships and improving the quality of life for Arizonans in need. 

At the 2018 INFORMS Annual Meeting, INFORMS members and conference sponsors donated nearly $11,000 through donation matching with the help of an anonymous donor to purchase the supplies for snack packs to be distributed on the street Phoenix's homeless population. Throughout the four-day Annual Meeting, attendees from around the world, INFORMS and St. Mary’s Food Bank leadership, and representatives from the INFORMS Pro Bono Analytics program volunteered their time to help with the assembly of the kits. These kits contained items ranging from beef jerky to peanut butter and trail mix.

Over 1,000 kits totaling 1,002 lbs. of food were presented to St. Mary’s Food Bank to be shared with Phoenix’s homeless men, women, and children.

"I want to take a moment to thank you for all you did to make the Give Back volunteer project so successful. 
The INFORMS pick-up from the Phoenix Convention Center weighed in at 1,002 pounds! That’s huge!"

Friends Life Community is an organization dedicated to offering skill-building to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to decrease dependency, improve socialization, and increase community inclusion. They provide day programs that include art classes, life skills classes, community outings, volunteer work in the community, social clubs, and one-on-one coaching services.

They were seeking volunteer help to provide observation and analytics to help refine their data selection and reporting in an effort to improve communication around mission impact. They want to accurately showcase the progress of clients to their clients and the clients’ families and be able to make data-driven decisions about programming. They wanted to use their data to inform donors of progress in a way that helps them understand the impact they are making with their funding. Our volunteers were able to critically examine their data and provide recommendations for improving organization goals and building our various classes in their program area system. They volunteers then assisted with testing their feedback and Friends Life Community is excited to have new systems in place.

"Thank you for your continued patience with us, as we designed this system. We really appreciate your involvement in the project." 

John_Jay_logo.pngJohn Jay College of Criminal Justice was seeking volunteer analytics support to conduct a comprehensive review of the College’s academic and support programs for students, including examination of student outcomes disaggregated by race, sex, income, and other factors.  Our volunteers conducted an analysis that included support in creating a process that will be used by the College in the future, and in creating data visualizations of the analysis in order to make the data accessible and understandable to internal and external audiences. Results of this analysis included:

  • identifying any hidden access or outcome gaps by race, sex, income, and other factors;
  • increasing our understanding of – and testing our assumptions about – challenges and risk factors facing John Jay students;
  • facilitating problem-solving to address identified challenges in order to achieve dramatic gains in success outcomes for all students; and
  • launching a campus-wide improvement effort grounded in data and focused on increasing student success rates.

The data analysis and visualizations will support John Jay’s critical fundraising goals by helping John Jay tell the story of its students and their successes and challenges to potential donors. 

"Thank you again for all of your help with this project and to you and Miles for connecting us with such an incredible volunteer team."


Young Audiences of NJ & Eastern PA (YA NJ/EP) inspires young people to expand their learning through the arts. They do this by bringing arts experiences by professional teaching artists directly to students; making the arts accessible regardless of socioeconomic background, geographic area, and ability. YA NJ/EP wanted to work with a volunteer expert in decision analysis to help determine whether they should continue to host Dazzle, a large-scale annual fundraising event. Dazzle, a “Dancing with the Stars” type event involving donors and other supporters, raises general operating funds needed for running the organization. Our volunteers helped them collect the data, complete with a formal presentation to their board, to evaluate this decision to the best of their abilities and critically assess its impact on their mission.



Schizophrenia and Related Disorders Alliance of America (SARDAA) is dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by schizophrenia-related brain illnesses through support programs, education, collaboration and advocacy.  SARDAA was looking for help in reviewing their Salesforce data and then creating a plan for moving forward. Our volunteers were able to investigate options for potentially expanding but more importantly using this data to benefit the organization by improving operational performance and supporting decision-making. They helped to construct dashboards for better visualization and communication tools for sharing this information with managers and leaders within SARDAA.  

Meals on Wheels for Western New York is an essential program that delivers meals to members of the community who need it most. Their mission is to enrich lives and promote independent healthy living by offering nutritious foods and a friendly visit. Our volunteers worked to help them improve their processes for purchasing, producing, and transporting food in addition to overhauling their existing data. They are working to improve deliveries, improving process efficiency, and to optimally design a menu.

Star of Hope Mission is dedicated to meeting the needs of Houston’s homeless men, women, and children and was the 2017 INFORMS Annual Meeting Micro-Volunteering Partner Organization. The INFORMS conference community, corporate donors, and the Marriott Marquis Houston donated over $7,000 and supplies to build 1,000 much needed toiletry and personal hygiene kits to be distributed to the homeless population of Houston. Throughout the four-day Annual Meeting, attendees from around the world, INFORMS and Star of Hope leadership, and representatives from the INFORMS Pro Bono Analytics program, volunteered their time to help with the assembly of the kits. These kits contained items ranging from toothpaste and soap to socks and feminine hygiene products. 


Center in the Park (CIP), located in Philadelphia, is a senior community center that has gained local and national recognition for successful implementation of a "wellness center" model of programming. When you walk into the Center, you won't see "seniors" watching television – instead older adults will be Skyping in the "digital aging mastery program" or exercising in the "enhance fitness" class. Our volunteers are helping CIP to better measure the value of their health promotion and evidence-based programs by determining the benefit/cost.


Family Service of Greater Boston (FSGB) has focused on improving the lives of at-risk urban children, youth and their families since 1835. They currently provide services through three main programs: an outpatient mental health clinic, in-home therapy team, and a residential program for teens. FSGB asked for analytics help in developing a data management strategy that can standardize data collection, better coordinate care across programs, and better serve their clients.

"Offered an excellent and professional approach to our statistical and data challenges. Working with Deborah was absolutely wonderful."


Community Empowerment Solutions empowers community members in countries like the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Guatemala, and Nicaragua to implement high social impact technologies that address education, economic, energy and health challenges. CE Solutions had designed a survey to assess the outcomes of their program. The Pro Bono Analytics volunteers are helping them review the survey design, ensure that it meets best practices, and that it asks questions that will yield accurate and useful data for assessing their program.

"I've enjoyed working with [your volunteers] Ela and friends and getting to know Miriam as well, Thanks for supporting this opportunity!"

Safe Haven Family Shelter helps families move from the street to the shelter and then on to a permanent housing. 2016 INFORMS Annual Meeting attendees stopped by the Pro Bono Analytics table in the INFORMS Center to create cards of encouragement for Safe Haven families and learn more about the program. 


Indiana Association for Community Economic Development (IACED) is an intermediary agency, working with local communities and regional, state, and national stakeholders around economic development. The Pro Bono Analytics volunteer is helping them design a common outcome framework that will assist Indiana-based nonprofits to report, track, and measure performance outcomes.

Teachers-Desk_logo-500-x-111.jpgThe Teachers Desk is a store where teachers shop for FREE books, school supplies, and teacher resources for students in their classrooms - its mission is to distribute school supplies to students in need, to encourage teachers, and to provide purpose through volunteerism. Our volunteers helped them evaluate the best way to utilize storage in their warehouse space and implement a system for future quality control.

"The Pro Bono team has taken our organizational dreams for the warehouse of Teacher's Desk and made them a reality."
- John Mika, Director