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Founded in 2009, the Conflict Resolution Center of Baltimore County's (CRCBC) mission is to support the resolution of interpersonal and community conflict through the use of community mediation, community conferencing, and other restorative justice services and education. CRCBC services are accessible to all persons and organizations in Baltimore County, at convenient times and locations, provided by trained individuals that honor the diversity of the community.

Project Description:
Initial Data Development and Creation of Performance Indicators at CRCBC
The Conflict Resolution Center of Baltimore County (CRCBC) is seeking PBA volunteers to assist in developing KPIs to demonstrate the impact of the organization's activities to key sponsors/stakeholders. In this initial project, the goals are to:
  1. Review and evaluate the quality, completeness, and usefulness of the existing data held in the organization
  2. Define key performance indicators (metrics) that can be derived from this data to document the ways CRCBC has served the county government
  3. Facilitate the development of a proposal for financial support from Baltimore County government to be submitted in the fall of 2021
  4. Help document data needs and other business requirements for other important work that CRCBC plans to do in the future

Time Commitment by the Volunteer:

Desired start date: 8/15
Desired end date: 11/15
Estimated time commitment by volunteer(s): 4-8 hours per week

Not seeing a good fit?

Any open projects we have will be listed on the site. If none are listed, there are no open projects at this time. But good news - we are always seeking new projects! Consider reaching out to your local nonprofit organizations and introducing them to PBA, analytics, and the benefits of working with their data. More information and resources can be found here.

If you are looking to join our volunteer pool, please do so on the volunteer sign up page.