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Silver Whiskers Farm and Animal Rescue is a very small nonprofit founded in 2018 with the primary goal of raising awareness for homeless senior cats in foster care and raising funding to defray the cost of care needed for older cats. When a senior cat in foster care requires special medical treatment, the rescue group caring for that cat can request a financial contribution from Silver Whiskers to help cover this cost. Fundraising is currently by direct donations or by donating a portion of the sales of our farm products.

Project Description:

Financial Planning for the Care of Senior Cats in Foster Homes

The budget and all financially related transactions and decisions are handled manually via an Excel spreadsheet. In addition, information on the senior cats in foster care is not officially tracked. This makes it difficult to manage an appropriate balance between available funds and requests for contributions towards medical treatment. A more streamlined and coordinated system is desired that can achieve the following:
• Enable easy entry and management of transactions.
• Provide tracking of relevant information on senior cats in their foster care group.
• Allow data analysis capability that can potentially anticipate future needs for the senior cats and/or identify the appropriate size of contributions toward their medical care.

Time Commitment by the Volunteer:

Desired start date: 6/26/23
Desired end date: 9/22/23

Estimated time commitment by volunteer(s): 3-5 hours per week

Specific Skills Required:

Experience with small companies/nonprofits.
Experience with data management and user-friendly data entry interfaces.
Possible experience with time series data.
Cat lover a bonus :).

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The deadline for submissions to this project is 6/7/23.

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