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Nonprofit organizations know the true social impact of their work on an incredibly personal level; they’re out in the field every day, seeing the results of their efforts directly benefit the individuals they serve. For those associated but without the same level of engagement, how can the organization prove the impact of their programs? Simply put, data. Nearly every nonprofit organization is or should be collecting data, and a wide variety of data at that. They can be collecting data on themselves, the individuals they serve, their digital presence, relationship with the community, and their funders, to name a few. All of this information can be incredibly beneficial, both for making strategic and operational decisions and for demonstrating impact, but only if you know which metrics matter most and when. Most organizations in the nonprofit sector lack the bandwidth, knowledge, or tools to analyze their data and make data driven decisions. Fortunately, helping nonprofits with data analytics is what we do.

Pro Bono Analytics exists to partner analytics professionals with nonprofit organizations who want to make their data work for them. The work is done on a volunteer basis to help remove the financial and staffing barriers that a nonprofit might face compared to a Fortune 500 company or a Silicon Valley startup. We recognize that everyone should be able to use the power of data to make better decisions for achieving their mission.

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We strive to seamlessly connect excited volunteers to organizations in need so problems can be solved quickly.

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