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What is analytics and what can it do for you?

The term analytics is frequently brought up in newspapers, magazines, blogs, and even TV advertisements. Analytics is the application of scientific and mathematical methods to the study and analysis of problems involving complex systems. Fundamentally, it helps organizations use data to make informed decisions and impact their bottom lines or increase their social impact. The first step to conducting any type of data analysis is accessing data, and, with data, it's usually 'the more the merrier.' If your organization is underutilizing (or not using) the power of data you're collecting, we can probably give you a hand. If you want to start collecting data but aren't sure where or how to store it, or which analytical tools might be best for making sense of it, don't worry, we can help you there too. Wherever your organization is in its data analytics journey, Pro Bono Analytics is committed to guiding our clients along the right path.

How does PBA help nonprofits with data?

In light of the potential for positive impact, the mission of Pro Bono Analytic (PBA) is to apply analytics and operations research techniques to help nonprofits that work in underserved communities or with underserved populations. PBA connects your organization with volunteer experts skilled at collecting and using data to facilitate fact-based decision making. Specifically, PBA has helped organizations with:

  • Measuring & communicating their organization’s effectiveness 
  • Improving operational efficiency 
  • Evaluating critical decisions regarding program changes 
  • Collecting and using data mindfully... & more!

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