Our Process

We're designed to meet you where your needs are. Regardless of the analytics problem you’re looking to tackle, our process allows you to easily find the volunteer talent needed to solve it. Additionally, many of our projects are done remotely so you can fit a project into whatever time you would like to make available each week. In-person visits may be possible if the volunteer is located near your organization. Finally, each project team is led by a member of the Pro Bono Analytics Committee. Each of the committee members has decades of experience and are highly capable of helping nonprofits with data.

Step 1: Request Assistance

Once you're ready to tackle your problem, you fill out a form to provide general information about your organization and contact information. You might not know how to put your issue into words, and that's fine, just do your best.


Step 2: Scoping Call

We'll get in contact with you to get a better understanding of your organization, the issue you want to address, and your volunteer needs. We’ll help fill in the blanks on what you want to accomplish and what you’ll want to look for in volunteers.


Step 3: Receive Volunteers

PBA staff will then put together a Volunteer Request and send it to our volunteer pool. Any interested applicants will have two weeks to submit their interest, experience, and expertise as it relates to your project.


Step 4: Interview Stage

PBA staff will help set up interview calls with any volunteers you are considering for your project. Like a job interview, this is an opportunity to decide if there’s a good fit between the volunteer's skills and interests and your project goals.


Step 5: Create Your Team

We are happy to lend our knowledge and expertise in this field for selecting the best volunteer or team of volunteers for your project. The final decision of who will work on your project, however, is yours. Simply consider us another resource for this step.


Step 6: Agreements Signed

Once your team is created, a formal agreement on the project terms can be drafted. This includes estimated project length, weekly requirements, and any expectations for all involved. This is also when you could have volunteer(s) sign any legal documents.


Step 7: Project Commences

You and your volunteer team work together directly to complete your project. Pro Bono Analytics steps back from direct involvement but we maintain contact with everyone to check on progress and serve as a sounding board if you run into any issues.

After project completion, we’ll check in and ask your organization and your volunteer(s) to provide feedback on your experience.

Would your organization be a good fit? 

Here is a list of questions that an organization might ask itself when it’s ready to make its data work better:

  • Is our organization having an impact? Are we meeting our mission?
  • What measures should we be tracking to assess our success? Could we better demonstrate our impact to funders?
  • How can we use the data we collect to operate more efficiently and effectively?
  • Should we consider developing a new service?
  • Should we redesign or retire a current service?

Does this sound like you? Great!

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