Membership Committee

Membership Committee


ICS chair Robin Lougee-Heimer recently created the ICS Membership Committee and charged it to: (a) identify means of enhancing the society's value to its members and (b) maintain or grow its membership size. The following individuals have agreed to serve as the initial committee:

  • Richard Barr [Chair], Southern Methodist University (
  • Harvey Greenberg, University of Colorado at Denver
  • Karla Hoffman, George Mason University
  • Irv Lustig, ILOG
  • Ted Ralphs, Lehigh University

Over its nearly 35 years of existence, the INFORMS Computing Society, nee the Computer Science Technical Section of the Operations Research Society of America, has been the natural home for both academics and practitioners working at the interface of OR and computer science. During this time, the nature of computing has changed radically, the scope of OR has expanded, and computational issues have become central to both fields.

ICS has made significant contributions to the OR/CS interface and the committee's mission is to ensure that it continue to flourish and grow. We welcome suggestions, criticisms, and participation from all members and friends. Please contact any of us about your ideas for ensuring that ICS' future is even stronger than its remarkable legacy.

So, what can ICS do to bring you more value? What's inhibiting your colleagues and students from joining ICS? Send your input to Dick