ICS Student Paper Award 2021-

2021 ICS Student Paper Award Winner

The 2021 INFORMS Computing Society Student Paper Award winner is Aras Selvi for the paper "Convex Maximization via Adjustable Robust Optimization."

The paper presents a novel connection between (linear and nonlinear) convex maximization, which arises in a wide range of challenging theoretical and application domains, and adjustable robust optimization (ARO). This leads to a unified scheme that recasts convex maximization as an ARO model and produces lower and upper bounds using ARO techniques. This scheme applies to, for example, quadratic, geometric, and sum-of-max-linear-terms optimization models with multiple constraints. Extensive numerical results demonstrate that the proposed scheme can provide tight lower and upper bounds to multiple classes of convex maximization problems. In addition, it does so in computation time that is comparable to, and in many cases significantly shorter than, that consumed by state-of-the-art solvers.

Runner up: Yongchun Li for the paper "Beyond Symmetry: Best Submatrix Selection for the Sparse Truncated SVD."

The 2021 ICS Student Paper Award Committee members are: 

  • Merve Bodur (Toronto) 
  • Andres Gomez (USC) 
  • Ruiwei Jiang, Chair (Michigan) 
  • Gonzalo Munoz (Universidad de O’Higgins)
  • Eunhye Song (Penn State)


        Other winner and committees are: