ICS Student Paper Award 2006-2010

2010 ICS Student Paper Award Winner

The 2010 Student Paper Award Winner is Yongqiang Wang (University of Maryland, College Park) for the paper, "A New Stochastic Derivative Estimator for Discontinuous Payoff Functions with Application to Financial Derivatives." 

Advisors: Michael C. Fu and Steven I. Marcus


  • Siqian Shen, University of Florida, for the paper "Expectation and Chance-constrained Models and Algorithms for Insuring Critical Paths"
    Advisors Cole Smith and Shabbir Ahmed.
  • Necdet Aybat, for the paper "A First-order Augmented Lagrangian Method for Compressed Sensing"
    Advisor Garud Iyengar.

Award Committee: Ted Ralphs (chair), Ed Baker, John Mitchell

Sponsored by the Mica Fonden.

2009 ICS Student Paper Award Winner

The 2009 ICS Student Paper Award Winner is Zaiwen Wen (Columbia University) for the paper, "A Line Search Multigrid Method for Large-Scale Nonlinear Optimization."

Advisor: Donald Goldfarb


  • Mehmet Begen, University of British Columbia, for the paper "Appointment Scheduling with Discrete Random Durations"
     Advisor Maurice Queyranne.
  • Peter Frazier, Princeton University, for the paper "Knowledge-Gradient Methods for Statistical Learning"
     Advisor Warren Powell.

Award Committee: Alexander Shapiro (chair), Bill Cook, ...

2008 ICS Student Paper Award Winner

The 2008 ICS Student Paper Award Winner is Guanghui Lan (Georgia Institute of Technology) for the paper, "Efficient Methods for Stochastic Composite Optimization."

Advisors: Arkadi Nemirovski, Renato Monteiro and Alexander Shapiro

Award Committee: David Morton (chair), Alper Atamturk, Nick Sahinidis

2007 ICS Student Paper Award Winner

The 2007 ICS Student Paper Award Winner is Amit Partani for the paper, "Adaptive Jackknife Estimators for Stochastic Programming."

Advisor: David Morton

Award Committee: Jonathan Eckstein (chair), Michael Trick, Jeff Linderoth


  • Andrea Bettinelli for "A Branch-and-Price Algorithm for the Two-Dimensional Level Strip Packing Algorithm"
  • Richa Agarwal for "Ship Scheduling and Network Design for Cargo Routing in Liner Shipping"

2006 ICS Student Paper Award Winner

2006 ICS Student Paper Award Winner Geng Deng for the paper, "Variable-Number Sample-Path Optimization."

Advisor: Michael C. Ferris.


  • Jiaqiao Hu, University of Maryland, College Park, for the paper "A Model Reference Adaptive Search Method for Global Optimization"
    Adviors Steven Marcus and Michael Fu.
  • Laura A. McLay, University of Illinois, for the paper "An Analysis of Knapsack Problems with Set-Up Weights"
    Advisor Sheldon H. Jacobson.

2006 ICS Student Paper Award Committee:

  • David Woodruff (Chair)
  • David Gay
  • David Shanno

Other winner and committees are: