Next Webinar:

  • Title: Science of Pricing Experimentation at Amazon
  • Speakers:
    • Tara Mardan, Senior Manager  
    • Joe Cooprider, Economist at Consumer Pricing Science and Research at Amazon
  • Link to the Recorded Seminar (Access Passcode: 6W4!J@QQ)

Register here. You could leave your questions with our speaker now and any time before the live event. (If you are a member of the RMP section and would like to attend but can't make it to the virtual event, you still need to register to receive a recording when it becomes available.)

Past Webinars:

  • Title: Operations Management Research at Facebook
  • Speaker: Nicolas Stier-Moses (May 2021)

  • Title: Recent Trends is Online Advertising Research: Robustness, Automation, and Learning
  • Speaker: Vahab Mirrokni (Feb 2021)

Also check other available (less recent) webinars on pricing and revenue management here:

         A series of webinars coordinated by Ideas, a SAS company.

If you know of a publicly available online presentation in revenue management or pricing, currently not on the list, please forward the appropriate information to Sami Najafi. Please note that the lecture should not be a vendor or marketing webinar.