Practice Award

Practice Award

The RMP Section Practice Award recognizes outstanding applications of revenue management and pricing techniques. The final competition for the award will take place live, at the INFORMS Annual Meeting. Finalists will present their work during a special session of the conference, and judging will take place immediately after the presentations. The winner will be announced during a prize ceremony at the conference.

Committee: Jose Luis Beltran (Hitachi), Guillermo Gallego (Chair, HKUST), Kalyan Talluri (ICL), Huseyin Topaloglu (Cornell)

Please submit your entry to by July 1, 2019.

2022 Winner

Title: “9 Years of Substantial Revenue Increase by Scheduling Advertising Optimally and Seamlessly on Cable Television” by: 

Past Winners





Jacob Feldman (WUSTL), Dennis Zhang (WUSTL), Xiaofei Liu (Alibaba) and Nannan Zhang (Alibaba)

Customer Choice Models versus Machine Learning: Finding Optimal Product Displays on Alibaba


Markus Ettl, Pavithra Harsha, and Shivaram Subramanian (IBM), and Joline Uichanco (Michigan) 

Omni-Channel Markdown Optimization
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Yihaodian, Ross School of Business, Tuck School of Business, and The Wharton School.

Competition-Based Dynamic Pricing in Online Retailing
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Rue La La Company, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Analytics for an Online Retailer: Demand Forecasting and Price Optimization
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Molson Coors Brewing Company, Pricing Solutions Limited, and Queen's School of Business

Pricing and Promotions Analysis at Molson Coors Brewing Company
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HP Labs and Columbia University

Data Driven Market Pricing and Portfolio Management
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Wyndham Exchange & Rentals, Metrics & Algorithms Team

Optimizing Vacation Exchange


Marriott International

Group Pricing Optimizer