Historical Award

The INFORMS Revenue Management and Pricing Section Prize for Historical Works was created to recognize critical contributions to the science of pricing and revenue management published in English, prior to 1999. It was awarded at the INFORMS National Meeting at the discretion of the Prize Committee, between years 2004 and 2011.

The Committee used the following criteria in making judgments:
  • The extent to which the contribution advanced the state of the art of pricing and revenue management.
  • The originality of the ideas or methods.
  • The new areas of application it opened up.
  • The degree to which existing theory or method was unified or simplified.
  • The clarity and excellence of the exposition.
  • The degree to which the contribution provided value for future applications, or enabled improved practice.

Past Winners


Guillermo Gallego

Garrett van Ryzin


Gabriel R. Bitran


Jeff McGill


Marvin Rothstein
 University of Connecticut


Peter P. Belobaba


Barry C. Smith

John F. Leimkuhler

Ross M. Darrow


Kenneth Littlewood
 British Overseas Airline Corporation