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Previous Events

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Date Speaker(s) Title


Jan 30

Stephen H. Yu, President and Chief Consultant at Willow Data Strategy, LLC Road to Holistic Personalization Customer-Centric Approach and Personas


Nov 14

Christopher Frank, VP of Global Advertising and Brand Management Team at American Express

Paul Magnone, 
Head of Global Strategic Alliances at Google


Oded Netzer, Vice Dean for Research and Professor of Business

at Columbia Business School and Amazon Scholar at Amazon



Jun 21

Jonathan Yan, Senior Director, Data Science Dun & Bradstreet

  Creating ESG Risk Score for Supplier Management



Nov 30 Russell Baris, President
eLumindata, Inc. 
Feb 11 Terry Benzschawel, Founder and Principal
Benzschawel Scientific, LLC
Some Financial Applications of Machine Learning


Dec 12 Doug Samuelson, President and Chief Scientist
InfoLogix, Inc.
Cybersecurity Threats, Vulnerabilities and Risk Assessment
Nov 14 None Meeting Rescheduled
Oct 10 Dan Steinberg, Chief Scientist and Product Evangelist
Salford Systems (a Minitab Company)
Co-Author: Nicholas Scott Cardell
Dividing and Conquering Big Data
The TRIDENT Method for Partitioning and Synthesizing Advanced Analytics
Jun 13 John Zhang, Director of Health Analytics, NYC Health + Hospitals | Lincoln Medical Center Leveraging Power of Actionable Data to Drive Improvement in Patient Care
May 16 Brian Fetherstonhaugh, Worldwide Chief Talent Officer, Global Leader, Customer Engagement & Commerce
The Ogilvy Group
Getting Data Into the Mind of the CMO
Apr 11 Panchali Roychoudhury, Senior Director, Analytics at TCG
Digital Solutions
Identification of Optimal Pricing Strategy
Mar 14 Mike Eichorst, Former SVP, Citibank
Jeremy Charles Jones, VP Customer Success at Marketing Evolution
Latest Advances in Optimizing the Impact of Marketing
Feb 14 John de Havilland, Senior Cloud Data Solutions Architect
The Intelligent Cloud - Microsoft's Approach to Democratizing AI
Jan 17 None Meeting Rescheduled


Dec 13 Ruth Yakubu, Senior Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft Deploying a Predictive Model Using Microsoft's ML Studio
Nov 15 Dr. R. Sukumar, CEO Optimal Strategix Group, Inc. Optimizing Your Customer Portfolio By Using Cognitive and Behavioral Analytics
Oct 25 Drew Talbot, Engagement Strategist and Management Consultant Improving Project Success Rate From Sales Through Delivery 
Sep 20 None Meeting Rescheduled
Jun 14 Jack Levis, Senior Director of Process Management at UPS "UPS ORION Project” (Winner of the INFORMS 2016 Franz Edelman Prize)
May 10 Gary L. Lilien, Distinguished Research Professor of Management Science at Penn State University Performance Implications of Customer Analytics: Perception vs. Reality
Apr 19 Libin Varghese, Senior Consultant, FICO Optimization;
Zahir Balaporia, Solutions Partner, FICO Optimization
Deploying Advanced Analytics for Success
Mar 15 Arnie Barnett, Professor at MIT The 2016 Presidential Election: A Guide to the Perplexed Operations Researcher
Feb 15 Ed Cuoco, Director, Data Science and Analytics;
Dr. Alex Huang, Lead Data Scientist for Aviation;
The Weather Company (an IBM Business)
Weather and Advanced Operational Analytics in Aviation
Jan 18 Sakti Kunz, Head of Data and Analytics Solutions, Honeywell From the Internet of Things to the Analytics of Everything


Dec 14 Claudia Perlich, Distillery;
Reka Daniel-Weiner, Distillery
Bridging the Gap: Connecting online behaviors to offline purchases
Nov 16 Kaiser Fung, Columbia University A Framework for Checking and Tuning Up Data Graphics: Lessons from 10+ Years of Blogging
Oct 26 Paul Savage, Iona College Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics in the Healthcare Environment
Sep 21 Michael Eichorst, Citibank Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence applied to a Pharmaceutical Marketing Problem
Jun 15 Evan Levine, NYPD The New York City Police Department's Domain Awareness System
May 18 Yulin Ning, Citigroup Random Forest versus Logistic Regression
Apr 20 Ruchika Singh, OgilvyOne Comparison of association, product network analysis and sequence analysis to identify product & service purchase patterns in B2B businesses
Mar 16 Leonardo Auslender On Gradient Boosting and Comparative Performance in Business Applications
Feb 17 Andrew Hirshman, Google User Level Marketing Optimization in Online Advertising
Jan 20 Keith Manthey, EMC The Coming Analytics Convergence – Hadoop + DB


Oct 21 Steven Totman, Cloudera Building an Enterprise Customer Hub on Hadoop
Sep 30 Leonardo Auslender, Statistical Research Consultant Issue of Classification Versus Precision in Comparing Classification Models
Jun 17 Robert Blau & Vincent Chen, Zicklin School of Business Using Simulation Models to help make 21st Century Decisions
May 20 Robert Chodock, Nielsen Financial Services Nielsen's 3r Framework: Making Ad Effectiveness Make Sense
Apr 22 Thomas Ball, RDM Partners In Medias Res: Trends, Fads, Bubbles and Massively Scaled Analyses
Apr 6 Victoria Axelrod, Lucas Finco, Ken Fordyce, G. Jack Theurer & Bo Zhang
Axelrod Becker Consulting, Con Ed, Arkieva, G. Theurer Associates & IBM Research
Careers in Analytics, an INFORMS Student-Practitioner Forum at Pace University
Mar 18 Paul Maiste, Lityx Predictive Analytics + Constrained Optimization = Efficient Marketing
Feb 11 Andrew Aiken, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals – Analytics Center of Excellence Emerging Opportunities and Directions in Healthcare Analytics and OR Practice
Feb 9 Emily C. Plachy, IBM Reprise: Driving Business Value with Big Data and Analytics
Jan 14 David Schey, Digitas Leveraging Digital Analytics to Provide More Relevant Customer Communication


Dec 17 Amol Ghoting, GraphSQL Inc. Why the graph representation is key to effectively analyze and act on your data
Nov 19 Gaurav Rastogi, Absolutdata We were all doing it wrong— the bridge from 'data' to 'decisions' should be built decision first.
Oct 15 Lucas Finco, Con Edison Predictive Power of the NY Fed's Empire State Manufacturing Survey
Sep 17 Emily C. Plachy, IBM Driving Business Value with Big Data and Analytics

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