College Relations

General Information on College Relations

As a vehicle for continuing to invigorate and support the OR/MS profession, the New York Chapter seeks to encourage interactions between centers of learning and all who share our interests. We hope to be a resource to you because New York is growing with analytics and we need your talent and hard work to keep growing!

Are you interested in volunteering to make Operations Research education better? Can we help your school create value with INFORMS?
Contact our college programs officer, Janice Winch, for more information.

The students of today are the agents of tomorrow. Many of the world's top scholars come here to work and live. We continue to provide an alternative means of communication and exchange for those in the field and the communities they work in.

Previously Sponsored with Pace University

April 6, 2015 Pace University Sixth Student-Practitioner Evening Forum 
February 9, 2015 Columbia University Reprise with Emily Plachy: 
Driving Business Value with Big Data and Analytics
March 22,2012 Pace University Fifth Student-Practitioner Evening Forum
Feb. 21, 2008 Pace University Fourth Student-Practitioner Evening Forum
April 11, 2007 Pace University Third Student-Practitioner Evening Forum
Feb. 1, 2006 Pace University Second Student-Practitioner Evening Forum
April 29, 2004 Pace University First Student-Practitioner Evening Forum