The Section on Energy, Natural Resources, and the Environment (ENRE) is organized to:

  • promote the development and application of operations research / management science methods, techniques, and tools to the solution of problems relating to energy, natural resources and/or the environment,
  • encourage the exchange of information among practitioners and users in energy, natural resources, and environmental applications areas, and
  • promote the maintenance of high professional standards in the application of operations research/management science to problem areas in energy, natural resources, and/or the environment.

"Society Spotlight" featuring ENRE in OR/MS Tomorrow, the INFORMS Student Magazine

OR-MS-Tomorrow-logo_cardlarge.pngOR/MS Tomorrow, the INFORMS Student Magazine, just published an issue on "Operation Research & Management in Energy and Environment". They feature a "Society Spotlight" article on ENRE laying on the mission and history of our section - and emphasising our commitment to provide an open and welcoming platform for students at the intersection of OR/MS, energy, and the environment!

Read the full article at https://www.informs.org/Publications/OR-MS-Tomorrow/Society-Spotlight-ENRE...

INFORMS Annual Meeting 2017 - Cluster Sessions

At every INFORMS Annual Meeting, ENRE chairs a number of streams, listed below. Information on sessions will be posted here soon.

We would like to express our gratitude towards these dedicated individuals for providing this important service to our community

Environment & Sustainability

Sandra D. Eksioglu, Clemson University (seksiog@clemson.edu)


Wei Yu, Colorado State University (yu.wei@colostate.edu)

Energy I – Electricity

Andy Sun, Georgia Tech (andy.sun@isye.gatech.edu)

Energy II – Energy

Amir Mousavian, Clarkson University (smousavi@clarkson.edu)

Natural Resources I – Mining

Alexandra Newman, Colorado School of Mines (anewman@mines.edu)

Natural Resources II – Petrochemicals

Marlize Meyer, Sasol (marlize.meyer@sasol.com

Best Paper Awards 2017

Every year, ENRE awards a number of prizes to recognise outstanding academic contributions in the field of Operations Research & Management Science with applications in energy, natural resources and the environment. The award winners will be announced during the ENRE Business Meeting at the upcoming INFORMS Annual Meeting 2017 in Houston.

We would like to thank the chairs of the award committees for the respective awards:

ENRE Young Researcher Prize

Ramteen Sioshansi, Ohio State University (sioshansi.1@osu.edu)

ENRE Best Student Paper

Felipe Feijoo, Pacific Northwest National Lab/Joint Global Change Research Institute (felipe.feijoo@pnnl.gov

ENRE Best Publication – Energy

Shmuel Oren, UC Berkeley (shmuel@berkeley.edu)

ENRE Best Publication – Natural Resources

Taraneh Sowlati, University of British Columbia (taraneh.sowlati@ubc.ca

ENRE Best Publication – Environment and Sustainability

Yihsu Chen, University of California Santa Cruz (ychen225@ucsc.edu)

More information and past winners

We would like to congratulate the winners of the 2016 Awards. Read more...

Our Community

Leadership & Officers

Antonio J. Conejo


Hayri Onal


Sauleh Siddiqui


Daniel Huppmann

Communications & Outreach

Read here for more info and contact details...