ENRE Student Best Paper Award

ENRE Student Best Paper Award

This award is given annually to the best paper dealing with energy, environmental, or natural resource issues by a student author who is presenting at the INFORMS Annual Meeting, as judged by a panel of the Energy, Natural Resources, and the Environment Section. Award finalists will present their submitted papers in the ENRE award session at the INFORMS Annual Meeting. This award was formerly also known as "Student Travel Award" and "Student Paper Award".


Winner: Abdul Quddus, PhD Student at Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Mississippi State University
Manuscript: "Optimizing Electric Vehicle Charging Station Expansion with an Integration of Renewable Energy and Vehicle-to-Grid Sources".

Committee Co-ChairsFelipe Feijoo, Pacific Northwest National Lab/Joint Global Change Research Institute, Masood Parvania, University of Utah 


Winner: Mehdi Behroozi (University of Southern California), et al. "Household-Level Economies of Scale in Transportation", Operations Reseach 64(6):1372-1387, 2016.


Bhavani Shanker Uppari (INSEAD), et al. "Business Models for Off-Grid Energy Access at the Bottom of the Pyramid", INSEAD Working Paper, 2016.

Álvaro Lorca (Georgia Institute of Technology), et al. "The Adaptive Robust Multi-Period Alternating Current Optimal Power Flow Problem", Unpublished Working Paper.

Committee Chair: Mark Nejad (University of Oklahoma)

Winners from previous years

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Nomination and deadlines

More information on nomination procedure, deadlines and the selection committee of each ENRE award will be sent out via the ENRE newsletter and mailing list a few months prior to the INFORMS Annual Meeting submission deadline.