ENRE Best Publication Awards

ENRE Best Publication Awards

The ENRE Best Publication Awards are given annually to the journal articles in the areas of interest of ENRE. The objective of the award is to recognize the contributions of ENRE members to the respective research areas. Nominated publications will be judged by separate committees for each area with respect to impact and originality. The winner will be announced during the Business Meeting at the INFORMS Annual Meeting.

Nomination and deadlines

More information on nomination procedure, deadlines and the selection committee of each ENRE award here.

2022 Best Publication - Natural resources

Winners: Eyyüb Y. Kıbış, İ. Esra Büyüktahtakın, Robert G. Haight, Najmaddin Akhundov, Kathleen Knight, and Charles E. Flower
Award committee:  Gökçe Palak (chair), Krishna Teja Malladi, Mesut Yavuz, Denys Yemshanov

2022 Best Publication - Energy

Winners: Long He, Guangrui Ma, Wei Qi, and Xin Wang
Award committee: Jalal Kazempour (chair), Luiz Barroso, Stein-Erik Fleten, Line Roald, Pascal Van Hentenryck

2019 Best Publication – Energy

Winners: Burak Kocuk, Santanu S. Dey, and X. Andy Sun

Manuscript: "Strong SOCP Relaxations for the Optimal Power Flow Problem", Operations Research, 64 (2016), pp. 1176-1196, DOI:10.1287/opre.2016.1489.

2019 Best Publication – Natural Resources

Winners: Harrison B. Zeff, Jonathan D. Herman, Patrick M. Reed, and Gregory W. Characklis

Manuscript: "Cooperative Drought Adaptation: Integrating Infrastructure Development, Conservation, and Water Transfers into Adaptive Policy Pathways", Water Resources Research, 52(2016), pp.7327–7346, DOI:10.1002/2016WR018771


Honorable Mention:

Authors: Hadi Karimi, Sandra Duni Ekşioğlu, and Amin Khademi

Manuscript: Analyzing Tax Incentives for Producing Renewable Energy by Biomass Cofiring, IISE Transactions, 50(2018), pp. 332-344, DOI: 10.1080/24725854.2017.1401755

2019 Best Publication – Environment and Sustainability

Winners: Dmytro Matsypura, Oleg A. Prokopyev, Aizat Zahar.

Manuscript: Wildfire Fuel Management: Network-Based Models and Optimization of Prescribed Burning, European Journal of Operational Research, 264 (2018), pp. 774–796.


Honorable Mention:

1. Authors: Saed Alizamir, Francis de Véricourt, Peng Sun.

    Manuscript: Efficient Feed-In-Tariff Policies for Renewable Energy Technologies, by Operations Research, 64(2016), pp. 52–66

2. Authors: Maxime C. Cohen, Ruben Lobel, Georgia Perakis.

    Manuscript: The Impact of Demand Uncertainty on Consumer Subsidies for Green Technology Adoption, Management Science,      62(2016), pp. 1235–1258

Last year recipients

2018 Best Publication – Energy

Winners: Goran Vojvodic, Ahmad I. Jarrah and David P. Morton

Manuscript: "Forward thresholds for of pumped-storage stations in the real-time energy market", European Journal of Operational Research, 254 (1): 253-268, 2016.

Honorary mention: Timo Lohmann and Steffen Rebennack.
Manuscript: "Tailored Benders decomposition for a long-term power expansion model with short-term demand response". Management Science, 63(6):2027-2048, 2017.

Committee ChairShmuel Oren, UC Berkeley

2018 Best Publication – Natural Resources

Winners: Tingju Zhu, Guilherme Fernandes Marques, and Jay R. Lund

Manuscript: "Hydroeconomic optimization of integrated water management and transfers under stochastic surface water supply", Water Resources Research, 51, 3568–3587, 2015.

Committee Chairs: Yu Wei, Colorado State University; Mohamad Hejazi, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

2018 Best Publication – Environment and Sustainability

Winners: Shouqiang Wang, Peng Sun, and Francis de Véricourt

Manuscript: "Inducing environmental disclosures: A dynamic mechanism design approach", Operations Research: 64(2) 371-389, 2016.

Committee Chair: Yihsu Chen, University of California Santa Cruz

Winners from previous years

For a full list of past recipients of the Best Publication Award in the field of Energy, Natural Resources and Environment and Sustainability...