ENRE Young Researcher Prize

ENRE Young Researcher Prize

The ENRE Young Researcher Prize is presented annually at the INFORMS Annual Meeting to one or more young researcher(s) for authoring an outstanding paper related to the theory and/or application of operations research-management science methods to a problem in energy, natural resources, or the environment.

The award serves as a recognition of promising young researchers who are at the beginning of their academic or industrial careers.

Nomination and deadlines

More information on nomination procedure, deadlines and the selection committee of each ENRE award click here.

Eligibility Criteria:

· The author(s) and the work must satisfy the following conditions to be eligible for the award. The paper must be submitted to the Award Committee Chair: Sabah Bushaj sbush010@plattsburgh.edu by June 23, 2023.

· None of the authors may have been awarded his/her terminal degree more than six calendar years prior to January 1, 2023.

· There is no requirement of publication; however, if the paper is published, it must have been published within four calendar years prior to January 1, 2023.

· The topic of the paper must belong to one or more of the fields of energy, natural resources, or the environment.

· The prize may be awarded only once in a lifetime to any individual, thus, no authors of a nominated paper may be a previous recipient of the ENRE Early-Career Best Paper Award.

Submission process:

We encourage ENRE members to either submit their own papers or nominate papers written by others.

ENRE membership is a requirement for the nominator, but not for the nominee.

A submission consists of two documents, both in pdf format:

1. A letter confirming that the author and the paper satisfy the eligibility criteria;

2. A copy of the paper.

The winner(s) will give a short presentation of the winning paper in the ENRE Awards Session during the 2023 INFORMS Annual Meeting. The presenter must register for the conference and will be responsible for the associated travel and registration expenses. The award includes an official certificate from INFORMS.

The award includes an official certificate from INFORMS.

2023 Early Career Best Paper Award
Winner: Bolun Xu

Manuscript: "Dynamic Valuation of Battery Lifetime"

IEEE Transactions on Power Systems (May 2022)

Award committee: Sabah Bushaj (chair), Zahra Gharibi, Hoda Bidkhori, SangWoo Park 

Winners: Chen Jin, Luyi Yang, and Cungen Zhu
Award committee: Verena Hagspiel (chair), Chris Dent, Yury Dvorkin, Sonja Wogrin


Winner: Kwon-gi Mun, Raza A. Rafique, Yao Zhao

Manuscript: Designing Hydro Supply Chains for Energy, Food and Flood


Honorable Mention:

Author: Luyi Gui.

Manuscript: Extended Producer Responsibility in Developing Economies: Design Incentives and Infrastructure Development.


Winner: Soongeol Kwon, Department of Systems Science and Industrial Engineering at Binghamton University, SUNY

Manuscript: Ensuring renewable energy utilization for and energy-efficient data center.

Committee ChairRamteen Sioshansi, Ohio State University


WinnerArda Yenipazarli, Department of Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Georgia Southern University.
Manuscript: Managing new and remanufactured products to mitigate environmental damage under emissions regulation, European Journal of Operational Research, 249(1), 117-130, 2016.

Committee ChairRamteen Sioshansi, Ohio State University


Winners: Daniel Huppmann (IIASA) and Sauleh Siddiqui (Johns Hopkins University).
"An exact solution method for binary equilibrium problems with compensation and the power market uplift problem". DIW Berlin Discussion Paper 1475, 2015.

Committee Chair: Steffen Rebennack, Colorado School of Mines

Winners from previous years

Click here for a full list of past recipients of the Young Researcher Prize...