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Simulation Archive

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The Simulation Archive was established at North Carolina State University in the fall of 1998. Acting on behalf of the Society, James R. Wilson formally inaugurated this archive by contributing to it a copy of the final program of the 1967 Conference on Applications of the General Purpose Simulation System. While serving as program chair of the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Winter Simulation Conference (WSC) in 1992, Dr. Wilson was given this document by Harold Hixson, the general chair of the 1967 predecessor of WSC.

The history of the Archive is available at The Simulation Archive Advisory Committee serves to advise the library staff and  to promote the development of the Archive as a resource for students, researchers in simulation, computing, and the history of technology.

Contributions to the Simulation Archive are requested. In particular, the Archivist seeks letters, memoranda, publications, and memorabilia of all kinds that are relevant to the history of the field of computer simulation, including the history of related professional societies. Substantial contributions to the Simulation Archive are expected in the near future, and the goal is that this collection will become an important resource for individuals interested in the history of simulation technology.

Contributions may be sent to:

Gwyneth A. Thayer, Ph.D
Associate Head and Curator
Special Collections Research Center
North Carolina State University Libraries
Campus Box 7111
Raleigh, NC 27695
Telephone: 919-513-3315

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