WSC Diversity Award

WSC Diversity Award

To improve outreach and diversity among young researchers in the field of simulation, the INFORMS Simulation Society is proud to award sponsorship each year to assist graduate students or postdocs to attend the Winter Simulation Conference (WSC).

We especially encourage applications from women, underrepresented minorities, international students, or students who may add to the diversity of the community in other ways; however this award is not limited to specific genders or ethnicity groups.
This year and in light of the global pandemic, WSC is following a hybrid format with a choice of attending virtually or in person. Applicants can therefore opt to use the award as an honorarium to cover travel expenses or, if attending virtually, have their
registration fees refunded.

The WSC Diversity Committee is looking forward to receiving high-quality applications for the 2022 WSC meeting in December. Please fill out the application form, which requires a letter of intent written by the applicant, and a letter of recommendation written by an adviser, and submit the form by November 16, 2022.

Chang-Han Rhee
Chair of the WSC Diversity Committee
Northwestern University

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