Mailing List

Mailing List

The Simulation Society listserv has been successfully transitioned to the Simulation Society Community in INFORMS Connect ( and is no longer accepting messages. Messages are now to be posted only to the Simulation Society Community page.

If you are a current paid member of Simulation Society, your subscription has been automatically migrated to the new platform as a “Daily Digest” subscriber. Each day you will receive an email summary of the previous day’s messages. If you would prefer to receive messages in real time, you have the option of changing your subscription once you have signed in to the INFORMS Connect community.

If you are not a current paid member of Simulation Societyjoin now to avoid losing access to valuable community content.

We encourage you to take 10 minutes and visit INFORMS Connect now: Login to INFORMS Connect using your INFORMS Self Service username and password. Forgot your password? Reset your password here.

Once logged in, please take the following quick steps to get started:

  1. Visit your profile page(click on the down arrow next to your photo at top right of the screen, and click on “Profile”) and take a few moments to update as much of the information as possible. Information was populated with details from your INFORMS profile in the Self Service Center.
  2. Adjust your privacy settingsand customize your contact preferences by clicking on the “My Account” tab on your profile page, then selecting “Privacy Settings” from the menu below. 
  3. Customize how you’d like to receive updatesfrom Communities you are a member of.  Go to “My Account”, and select “Community Notifications”. You can opt to receive messages via email in real time, as a daily digest, or no emails.
  4. Visit theCommunity pages you are subscribed to, which will now be visible under the “Communities” > “My Communities” tab on the blue main navigation of the site. Take advantage of the discussion board to ask questions of your fellow Simulation Society members, post meeting information, or calls for papers.

The discussion feature on the I-Sim INFORMS Connect page is for announcements of general interest to I-Sim members. Possible topics for discussion might include any of the following:

  • Announcements of meetings and calls for papers.
  • Announcements of job openings for simulation analysts and researchers.
  • Announcements of new working papers, articles, programs, for comment and discussion.
  • Substantive discussion concerning topics such as input modeling, output analysis, agent-based simulation, rare event simulation, to name just a few of the topics of interest to our members.
  • Comments, questions, and contributions on curriculum questions; suggested texts, cases, new articles of common interest for course-related adoption, etc.
  • Brief "war stories" describing interesting or novel applications.

All posts must comply with the following criteria:

  • Submitted materials must not be copyrighted;
  • Submissions must be (at least remotely) related to the purposes of the Society as outlined in our bylaws;
  • Basic rules of etiquette are expected; e.g., character assassination and profanity are strictly prohibited.

INFORMS Connect is an evolving community. We look forward to your feedback and suggestions on how we can make INFORMS Connect an important member benefit for you. If you are not receiving any messages from the community and you have confirmed that messages have been posted, please send us an email to