2011 Simulation Workshop

2011 Simulation Workshop

2011 INFORMS Simulation Society Research Workshop

Simulation in Complex Service Systems

July 18-20, 2011 at HEC Montréal, Canada

The focus of the 2011 workshop is on simulation in the management of complex service systems, such as:

  • health-care systems (hospitals, ...)
  • emergency systems (ambulances, police, firemen, forest fires, ...)
  • telephone call centers
  • logistic and delivery systems
  • transportation systems (public transport, road traffic, ...)
  • telecommunication networks
  • revenue (or yield) management systems
  • reliability of complex systems

Important questions of interest include: 

  • building appropriate and reasonably realistic stochastic models for these systems;
  • of particular interest is modeling the important dependencies between input random variables and processes;
  • how to optimize or improve decision-making for these systems using simulation;
  • improving the efficiency of simulations for those large systems;
  • building efficient and flexible software tools to simulate these large complex systems and optimize (or improve) their management policies;

Composite Simulation Modeling of Complex Service Systems: Example and Research Challenges
Peter Haas  

Statistical Modeling of Labor-Intensive Service System
Haipeng Shen

Traffic Modeling for Complex Service Systems
Peter Glynn

A Multi-Scale Crowd Behavior Modeling Framework: Emergency Evacuation and Normal Scenarios
Young-Jun Son

Simulation of Healthcare Systems
John Fowler

Integrating Methods and Practice Across Health, Social and Community Services
Sally McClean

Modeling and Simulation of Pandemic Influenza Outbreaks
David Goldsman

Real-time Control of Ambulance Services
Shane Henderson

Revenue Management: Applications, Models and Algorithms
Huseyin Topaloglu

Model Misspecification and Sequential Stochastic Optimization
Assaf Zeevi